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How to Depress Yourself in 90 Minutes

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix lately. If I work from home, generally I stream a movie in the background so I don’t have to listen to Pants dig in her litter box all day. The only catch is, I have to watch something that hubs doesn’t want to watch. If one of us watches something alone that the other wants to see, the non-watcher is instantly not interested in watching that thing anymore. I can’t explain it. It’s just what happens. That basically leaves me with two kinds of movies to watch: depressing dramas and depressing romances.

First I watched Young Adult. (I think Charlize has Bitchy Resting Face there. < — Clicking that link is worth it, trust me.)

I actually heard this one was a comedy. It is not a comedy. Charlize’s character is so sadly pathetic, it was hard to even watch, but somehow I powered through because I was hoping for a happy ending. Didn’t get it.

So after the movie was over, I was sufficiently depressed but oddly feeling good that at least I wasn’t a delusional alcoholic trying to break up the marriage of my high school boyfriend.

I needed a little pick-me-up, so I decided to watch Blue Valentine. (Spoiler: It didn’t pick me up.)

I read good things about this movie awhile back so I’ve been wanting to see it. Plus, it’s a love story. It stays it right there on the poster. And, the V in Valentine is a heart! If that doesn’t say happiness, I don’t know what does. Ok, I guess the “Blue” in the title doesn’t but I didn’t think that part through.

I was completely depressed and stressed out for two days over this movie. My God. Ridiculous. It was all I could think about. I’m not even a big Ryan Gosling fan but why would someone do that to him? WHY!

I was so bothered by it that I had to get “grief counseling” from my co-worker. Grief counseling about fictional characters. (This is my life.) I don’t know why I even try watching dramas and romances anymore. I’m way too emotional about it. It took me five years to get over the ending to Beaches, I should have learned by now.

Luckily, I was cheered up last night when hubs and I went to see This is the End. For the love, go see that movie. It is so, so funny. It’s worth it just for Michael Cera alone.


I just realized we have less than a month before Google Reader goes away. I’ve tried out Feedly (dislike) and Bloglovin (not bad) but I’m still using GReader for all my blogs because I fear change. I think I’m going to go with Bloglovin at the end of the month. What are you all using now?


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