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Working from Home

I think I briefly mentioned that I started a new project at work not so long ago. I don’t usually talk about work on my blog because 1) a lot of things we do is proprietary 2) it’s not professional and 3) I like to talk shit and the last thing I need is for one of those people at work to figure out I have a blog and then realize it’s them I’m shit-talking. Mostly #3.

Anyway, I’ve been working on a new project for a few weeks and this project allows me to work from home 2 days a week. (I’m a technical writer.)

We have a lot of remote employees at my company but I’ve never been one of them. In the almost 9 years I’ve been there, I’ve probably worked from home twice and that was because either my car didn’t start or I had to be home to meet some contractor. Anyway, I always thought working from home was that mystical glitter-pooping unicorn that I always wanted but could never have. Well, let me say, hot damn it is awesome! My desk at home is like the matrix of unnecessary monitors.

Not only do I get to sleep in later, not shower, and work in my jammies, but I save money on gas, tolls, and eating out. I’m also able to spend my breaks doing actual productive things like watching Downton Abbey and spending time with those I love.

Seriously, if you work from home, how in the hell do you not eat all day? The only way I am able to tear myself away from the fridge is to have no food in the house or workout during my lunch break. Since no food makes husband’s angry, I’m going the workout route. And it’s been giving me 3 days of double workouts. It’s great but it’s also exhausting.

So last night I rested and went out with this girl for drinks. It looked JUST like this but with darker hair.

Also, I stole that picture from her blog.

Two bars, several drinks, one story about a wooley mammoth that I probably shouldn’t have told, one long uncomfortable hug (Michelle is NOT a hugger), and five hours later, we went home. It was nice to take a break from working out and finally hang out with Michelle when we didn’t have a race the next day. And we’re doing it again next weekend. 🙂



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