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Weekend Things

It’s been one of those weekends. It hasn’t been bad but it also hasn’t been necessarily good or productive so it feels like a waste. I never have weekends that are completely free of plans, so I feel like I squandered this one by not doing more. I don’t even know what would have made it better. I just know I was too lazy to do anything about it so instead, I’ll complain.

Hubs has been working from home all weekend, so we’ve mostly stayed in. Since he’s been working and I have been bored for the first time in years, I decided to work on the blog a bit. I changed all of the pages at the top and added some new sub-menus.

There’s a new page for Crossfit workouts, a blogroll, and one for Bunnypants. Diva gets her own page.

I also added my Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter feeds to my Facebook page. So, basically you can follow me everywhere by just following me on Facebook. Fancy, eh?

Saturday after my meh run, hubs and I went to lunch at a burger joint downtown called Hamburger Mary’s. We had the place to ourselves.

I’ve been wanting to go to Hamburger Mary’s for awhile now. They were voted one of Orlando’s best burgers, plus they have a drag show on Saturday nights that I really want to see. I tried to get reservations for my birthday this year, but you have to reserve the show six weeks in advance. Crazy. We settled for lunch (without a drag show) since the only thing that can make me happy after running 10 miles is shoving a burger in my face.

It did not disappoint. I pretty much love this place now and want to raise all my babies there. The burgers were so good, we didn’t even mind paying $7.00 for downtown garage parking. I had the Blue Boy Burger (bacon and bleu cheese).

It.was.ridiculous. I want to go back there and eat all the things.

After we were done, our check came to us in a high heel. You know, normal everyday stuff.

Saturday night, hubs and I watched a movie called V/H/S.  The movie started out with a lot of potential but then went straight in the crapper.

It’s about a group of guys who are hired to steal a VHS tape from a house. Once they get there, they watch the tape (of course), which has a bunch of weird video footage filmed with a hand-held camera. Each piece of footage is a new story. Imagine Tales from the Crypt and Blair Witch Project having a movie baby, and you have this movie.

Once the guys watch these tapes, weird things start to happen in the house. So the story goes back and forth from what’s on the tapes to what’s happening with the guys in the house. Several of the stories were seriously creepy, but the movie was 30 minutes too long so I got tired of watching them. Then, I was waiting for all the stories on the tapes and the story of the guys in the house to tie together somehow but they never did. At all. The movie just ended which was super lame.

Not so lame? Getting to see my bestie last night. Smile

We met up at Ale House for a couple drinks since neither of us worked today. I had to put off watching the Breaking Bad finale (<— omg, did you watch?!) for three whole hours, which is basically like 80 million years in Breaking Bad time.

She’s lucky I like her.


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