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I am Twelve…

…because I am taking off of work today to see this:

Ok, maybe 12-year olds wouldn’t have a job but if they did, I’m sure they would take today off.

And my GOD, who comes up with those movie posters? I mean honestly. That person was probably responsible for these posters too. We should all get together and give him or her a collective punch to the neck.

Anyway, Lisa and I will be getting our RPattz on (suck it, Team Jacob) and then we’ll be partaking in some girly shopping to hopefully find a dress for our upcoming Christmas parties.

In case you’re wondering, Lisa and I did NOT take off of work for New Moon and Eclipse. And we definitely won’t be doing that for the second half of Breaking Dawn on November 16, 2012. I mean, that would be silly to plan that entire day off of work a year in advance just because of a movie. Just silly.

Then, after I’m done freaking out in excitement about Breaking Dawn, freaking out about The Hunger Games will commence. And it will look like this.


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