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Treadmill Etiquette

Workout: Tempo run (of sorts) on treadmill 4.4 miles, walked 1 mile

Before I get to the workout, I noticed lots of new peeps stopping by the blog in the past couple days, so I just wanted to say hi to everyone. Hi everyone! If you haven’t left a comment yet, please do. Then I can check out your blog too. Smile

On to the workout…

I went to the gym to do a tempo run tonight. I haven’t been running much for the past couple months and definitely haven’t done any speed work. The runs I have done haven’t been all that great, so I decided before I got to the gym that I was  going to make the treadmill my bitch. I was going to make that happen by doing two things:

  1. Put on a cute workout outfit.
  2. Rock some pigtails.

Eh, I’ve had better plans but it worked. My run was good! Here’s what it looked like:

This was about all I could do as far as speed without dying but I’ll take it.

Now I wanted to mention something about treadmill etiquette. If someone is on the treadmill next to you, say me for example, and you are done working out, do not clean your treadmill by spraying the blue cleaner all over it. Sure it makes the treadmill easier to clean, but it also makes it harder for me to breathe. My nose does not separate oxygen from Windex and that stuff permeates the air around where you sprayed. Get a paper towel, spray that paper towel away from other treadmills, and then wipe it down.

Also, wearing enough cologne that I can smell you three treadmills down will not get you women. So don’t do it.

That is all.

What annoys you the most at a gym? (I really enjoy breathing, so I’m not a fan of anything that makes that harder.)


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