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The Sarcastic Social Button

I had another crappy run this morning. I’m not even sure what I was trying to do. A tempo run, I guess?

Mile Pace Incline
1 10:00 .5
2 9:40 .5
3 9:30 .5
Walked almost ½ mile   .5
4 9:23 .5
5 9:15/10:00 split .5

Total miles: 5 (running), .5 (walking)

I loathe morning runs. I have no energy and every step is a chore. The only thing that made this run bearable was a rerun of Angel on TNT. And that’s all I have to say about that.


I write down what I eat everyday. It helps me stay on track. If I don’t write down what I eat, I snack way too much and pretend the calories don’t exist because I can’t see the number. I use the Tap and Track app for my iPod Touch and love it. The best part about the app, besides having a gigantic database of food that you can browse OFFline, is that it is updated all the time. The app is always improving and updates come from user reviews, so the app really does get better each time instead of getting useless updates.

Until now.

Today, I noticed a new update I haven’t seen before: the Social button.

(Yes, I ate 408 calories by 10:30 am today. Thanks for noticing. FOCUS people.)

The social button is completely new. So of course I wanted to check it out. After I did, I wasn’t sure whether I should cry…or be excited!

WTF? Way to give me a complex Tap and Track.


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