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Sunday Bunday

I have the most anti-social hamster ever.

He sits in his little hideaway all day long and piles up the bedding at the entrance so we can’t see him. We try to coax him out with food, but he just grabs it and pulls it into his house when we’re not looking.

I know hamsters are nocturnal, but we were watching movies until 3:00am on Friday night and he never came out. The only time we see him is if we grab him and hold him. So now we have one animal that doesn’t mind being held but hates playing and we have one animal that likes playing but hates being held. We can’t win.

We finally introduced Pants and Henry.

That picture is the most interest she’s shown in him. We put him in the ball just in case Pants wanted to lay the smackdown on his little hamster body. Once we took him out of the ball, she sniffed his face a couple times and then went to lay down on the opposite side of her cage.

So, note to self: bunnies and hamsters do not make instant best friends and frolic together like they do in my mind.

We’re thinking of renaming Henry. I seem to call him Hammy the most because I am unoriginal and lazy. Hubs vetoed my suggestion of Chris Hams-worth (come on, that’s funny!), but he liked my suggestion of Jon Hamm. So we might go with that. Any hamster name suggestions out there?

Oh, and because an inordinate amount of you asked for this…

One of them is in hiding. I’ll do better next time. (I just realized how fitting the name Jon Hamm is all of a sudden.)

I swear this isn’t going to turn into a hamster blog.


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Sunday Bunday

I had a moment of weakness at the pet rescue today. Meet Henry.

Henry is a Teddy Bear hamster, not a rat, KARA. He did not appreciate your rude rat comment.

He came with the name – that wasn’t my doing. I’m pretty sure the pet store names all their rescues Henry. They had two hamsters and a guinea pig named Henry. There can’t possibly be that many Henry’s concentrated in one area.

I’ve been wanting to get Pants a guinea pig friend for awhile, but I’m afraid she’ll rip its face off with her Hulk-like rage, so I thought I’d start smaller with a hamster. They’re easier to take care of and don’t need as much play space. So, if she hates him, she doesn’t need to see him.

I gotta admit, I thought he was kinda ugly when I got him home. Also, he has big balls. Why is that even necessary for such a small animal? It’s so disconcerting to look at. Now I know why I prefer female animals. I can’t deal with all the balls.

Anyway, I don’t know how old he is and hamsters only live for about two years, so that’s kinda sad. I hope he’s around for awhile. All I know is that he’ll be loved for the rest of his big-balled life and will hopefully find a new friend in Pants because she seriously looks bored like she needs someone to play with.


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Sunday Bunday

I had a pretty fabulous birthday weekend that I’ll share with you later, but until then it’s time for a little cuteness.

I think I mentioned before how much Pants hates to be picked up. I mean, just hates it. She lays really still, her ear slicks back, and her eyes get wide. Unfortunately for her, we love it. We get to shower her with kisses and snuggles and she can’t do a damn thing about it.

Ahhh, forced love.

Maybe she can work on being less adorable and we’ll stop picking her up but I doubt that will happen when she keeps giving us sweet pictures like this.

That FACE. I want to eat it.

So that was today’s bunny snuggle. And just when you thought you couldn’t get enough sweetness, I figured out how to make gifs.

Taping her is my new obsession.


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Sunday Bunday

Every day, hubs and I are in and out of the fridge to make meals and grab snacks, and every day Pants ignores us and goes about doing her bunny business. However, when we get an apple out, our little Fruit Whisperer just knows and starts begging. At first we thought she knew certain sounds, like the fruit crisper drawer opening or the rustle of a plastic bag. We even tried tricking her a few times by making the same noises when we get an apple, but bringing out a different food. It never works. We’ll check her cage and she’s not paying attention. But once we get out that apple, she assumes the position.

Now our favorite thing to do is get an apple and then check out the cute and pathetic that is a begging bunny. Usually she doesn’t stay in one position long enough for us to get a picture, but yesterday she would.not.move and I got begging position #3.

I really want to dress her in a striped jumpsuit.


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