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A Hot Date

After work today, hubs and I went to our martial arts fitness class. The owner’s of the school where we take our class have a sugar glider that stays in the office there. Her name is Amelia AirBear and we had a hot date planned with her after class.

Our date started off with a little dinner.


Ok, she had dinner and we watched. Let her lick Chobani off your hand and she’s good to go. She’s low maintenance and I like that in a girl.

She let me know that she was done with dinner by peeing all over me. I could have done without that part. I mean, this is the first date after all. Usually I don’t let that happen until the third.

Just when I thought we were bonding, she tried to make a play for my man.


That little hussy gets around! She was jumping all over the place. I thought we had a connection with the dinner/peeing thing, but I guess she just likes to spread the love. After she was done with the hubs, she jumped back on me. That girl moves fast. As you can see, we have already gotten to second base.


But then she let us know the date was over by hiding in a towel and waiting for us to leave.


I felt so used. But it was worth it.

When we got home, Pants was super jealous that we played with someone else.


Thanks, Pants. I feel the love.


Have you ever played with a sugar glider? I gotta say, the jumping thing and the little crazy claws freaked me out a little bit. There may or may not have been a screech from me at one point.  But Amelia is super cute and I think I’m ready for our second date. 😉


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