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My Only Talent Revealed!

I can’t sing or dance. I can’t cook and I suck at sports. I’m not even sure I can touch my toes. But, dangit, I can hang stuff on the wall like nobody’s business. And sometimes it’s straight. Last week I was inspired by J’s closet and the way she organizes her necklaces. That inspiration turned into what you are about to see here. This happened tonight. Tonight is Friday, by the way. Nothing but a party up in here.

I bought this hook rack from Target.

To put up in the linen closet in my bathroom.

Here’s how I did it. You can do it too if you follow these easy steps:

1.  Mark drill holes for rack using a level.

2.  Pose for Charlie’s Angels style picture with electric drill, then drill holes.

3.  Install rack.

4.  Pose with the screwdriver you used but didn’t mention in the instructions and take a picture.

5. Place dragons and flying horses on picture to distract people from the fact that you just installed a rack at 10pm on Friday night.

6. Display finished product proudly.

There may have been other steps, like using anchors and screws, but if I tell you everything, then everyone will have this talent. And really, it’s all I got.


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