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Five for Friday

I like lists. I’m a technical writer. We number everything. So time to get my list on. (Oh, and if you didn’t enter my giveaway already, go do that.)

1.  I wanted to say thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions on Facebook and Twitter of what to do with my spaghetti squash. Surprisingly, one of the suggestions was not to “shove it,” so I appreciate that. To say I’m an idiot in the kitchen would be an understatement. I realized this when I figured out my favorite way to eat spaghetti squash is with marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and salt/pepper/oregano – also known as the most basic way to make spaghetti. Brilliant. I also like it better reheated the next day than just out of the oven. Speaking of the oven, to make spaghetti squash I had to use it.

Oh, and I just wanted to mention that this girl saved me about 3 fingers when she suggested that I heat it up in the microwave for 4 minutes before I cut it. So thank you for my fingers. I plan to keep doing wonderful things with them.

2.  I guess Fergie has a new beverage out called Voli Light Vodka. I’m all for light vodka because that just means you get to drink more of it, right? Right. Anyway, I ran across this picture of her out promoting it.


Unless it’s Halloween or you’re going to a party where you’ll be ripping beating hearts out of chest cavities, I don’t think those are necessary. And there are so many daily things that could become uncomfortable because of those. Like, picking other people’s noses.

3. Last Friday, I found out my project manager at work was on vacation from his out of office message. High communication right there. And while I’m talking about work, we changed insurance providers this year which we seem to do every few years to keep the costs lower for all the employees. Well, I went to get my prescription and it’s $13 more than with our old insurance and $8 more than if I didn’t use my insurance at all. I hope I don’t die anytime soon, because that’s not in the budget this year.


5. I’m still super obsessed with Walking Dead memes.

And now it’s time to go enjoy my “Hunger Games” vacation day. I’ll be picking up my and Michelle‘s (me and Michelle’s?) packets for our race on Saturday (official last race of the season), possibly getting a new pair of running shoes (Saucony Cortanas), seeing the movie (finally), and taking the iPhone plunge.

I always said I would never get an iPhone since I’m fairly anti-Apple. Today, I will eat my words. I hope they taste like cupcakes.


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