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14 Miles on the Treadmill

I woke up at 4am this morning for a 14 mile run with my group. Noticed it was raining and went right back to bed. I figure if it’s not a race I paid for, it’s not worth running in the rain. Also, I’m a big baby.

After I slept in like I was going for a world record, I moseyed my way to the gym by 3pm to run 14 miles on the treadmill.

I love the treadmill when it’s 7 miles or less, so I was pretty sure 14 was gonna suck enough that I was willing to buy entertainment in the form of Jake Gyllenhaal for $15.

The run was just ok. Source Code was also just ok. The premise was so unbelievable that it almost made the movie unenjoyable. I mean, I know it’s a movie, but at least make me believe what you’re doing is possible. So, I guess if you have 14 miles to do on the treadmill and you need to watch something to keep from poking your eyes out, Source Code is good for that.

Now I have important things to tend to before I go out for the night.


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