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Girl Crushes

The thought of losing my marathon training is freaking me out a little. I know it’s going to happen because I can’t keep up the mileage year-long while still keeping my sanity, but the thought of losing something I trained so long for really sucks. I could still run a marathon right now if I had to, but as the weeks tick away, I’m losing my long run endurance and that makes me kinda sad. I know that sounds lame. But it’s true.

I tried to make myself feel better with a speedier (for me) run on Tuesday night, so I tried mile repeats.

I walked for about .20 mile between each full mile. The whole run sucked. I wasn’t feeling it and my left calf was hurting (again) so now I’m icing it every night. I have a half marathon coming up in 2 weeks so this calf thing needs to clear up ASAP. Plus, the gym was super crowded and the only treadmill available was the one with the TV that only got the CW. So I unwillingly watched One Tree Hill, which I’ve never seen before.

What is happening here? Is that girl levitating? Why isn’t anyone concerned? I know Chad Michael Murray isn’t in the show anymore, but I really like the random levitator and the guy on the right that looks like he’s confused about where he is.

Catching a show for the first time in its 9th season is interesting. I was so confused. I mean, since when do serial prime-time soap operas have so many babies in it? There were babies everywhere! And there’s one thing I know about babies and TV.

Seriously, the show was boring. But maybe I needed 9 years of history to think a bunch of random babies and a girl pouting all episode because someone called her song crappy is interesting. Oh, and if you can tell me where the phrase “jump the shark” came from without looking it up, you get a gold star and +10 nerd points.

There is one thing I did like about One Tree Hill. Meet my new girl crush, Sophia Bush.

She looks like a brown-haired Kristen Bell. I’m going to add her to all my other girl crushes. Looks like these ladies are gonna have to make a little room in that collage for the new girl.

Also, Verlin reminded me that I never mentioned my body fat percentage after I got it tested again. I’m back at 22.5%. 😦 It doesn’t take long to screw up progress, that’s for sure. So now I’m working toward getting back to 17% by:

  1. Strength training more
  2. Snacking less (at night)
  3. Eating more protein (going from about 80 g a day to 130 g when I can)
  4. Trying not to eat a big Cinnamon Crunch bagel (with hazelnut cream cheese) from Panera one hour after eating breakfast…like today.

Who’s your girl crush? (Guys, you can answer this too.)


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