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Home for the next Two Weeks

I made it to Arizona.

I flew into Tucson on Sunday and my plane was 45 minutes early. I’m not sure what the deal is with me and early flights lately, but I’m kinda liking it.

I found my co-workers at the airport and we made the hour drive to Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca. This is my home for the next two weeks.

Once we settled in, a few of us (that are staying the full two weeks) made a trip to the grocery store. I bought the essentials.

I just wish I would have noticed that a couple were missing when I bought it. How’d those go missing?

My room is about four doors down from the gym, which I will need after that giant snickerdoodle binge.

The gym is pretty decent. There’s only one treadmill but it’s a really good one. Yesterday, I tested it out by running three easy miles since I was feeling like a giant, lazy turd after sitting on a plane all day and then eating my first Cinnabon.

I don’t get the hype. I was not impressed. It was way to gooey/slimy in the middle and the frosting wasn’t sweet enough. I ended up throwing out over half of it. Then I tweeted my Cinnabon disdain and they started following me on Twitter, so I guess I need to give them another chance.

My goal while I’m here is to do some type of exercise everyday. Not like I have anything else to do.  After work, I basically sit in the room and refresh my email every minute waiting for someone to talk to me. #loser

Tomorrow, I plan on getting an hour in the stationary bike so I can read more of the book I started on the plane.

I’m about 60 pages in and so far it’s good (but not great). The movie is coming out next year. I saw the trailer before the great American classic Breaking Dawn 2 and it looked really good. So I figure the book should be even better. Has anyone read this? I never heard of it until I saw the preview. But then again, I don’t read much more than the side of cereal boxes, so I’m not surprised.



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