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Two Years Ago Today…

My big brother walked me down the aisle…

To music by a violinist that really looked like Roy Orbison (it was weird)…

My best friend stood beside me…

While I married my (other) best friend…

Our amazing friends and family flew out to Las Vegas (from Orlando, Reno, and San Diego) to see us…

And they took better pictures of us than the stupid photographer…

We had a great dinner afterwards with a toast from my big brother…

And danced the night away… (Hubs doesn’t dance on top of bars, but my girls do!)

We stayed for a day of fun afterwards with a couple of friends and then headed to Maui for our honeymoon…

Happy Anniversary, Wookie! Smile


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Happy Almost 2M+7D to Me!

Tomorrow is me and the Hub’s second wedding anniversary! We dated for 7 years before we got married, so this will be 9 years together.

This was a work Christmas party 2 years ago.

I don’t know about you, but I think there’s something annoying about celebrating 2 years of marriage when you already celebrated 7 years of dating. I want those 7 years to count dangit, and marriage just ripped them away from me without asking! So rude.

So I have decided that we (we meaning the entire universe) should follow an all new numbering system for wedding anniversaries. Therefore, tomorrow I shall celebrate my 2M+7D wedding anniversary!

Sounds confusing at first, but I’m sure the universe will catch on. If we can change our astrological signs and tell Pluto it’s not a planet anymore, we can do this. In early celebration, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite memories of me and the hubs.

This was taken in Maui on our honeymoon. We made a pit stop during our bike ride down the Haleakala Volcano. If you ever want to literally fear for your life, do this bike ride.

I have eyes that open, I swear.

This was on our honeymoon too. We took a helicopter ride over the big island to see the lava flow. The lady that took this picture barfed the whole flight.


This was the first and only cruise we’ve ever been on. We took the Disney Wonder (to Nassau and Castaway Cay, Bahamas) with our friends Steve and Kristianna. The food was insane, crazy, good. I gained 4 lbs. Still have ’em!

This was on Mt. Rose in Reno. Our first time snowboarding. And probably my last because holy crap do I suck at it. I took the beginners class. TWICE. And still couldn’t get it. We like to visit our friends Morgan and Don who live there now. I.LOVE.RENO. It’s one of the cities I’ve found that I’d love to live in.

Here’s us in Lake Tahoe. That’s a whole mess of beautiful right there.

This is last October in Raleigh, North Carolina. Very historic and pretty town and the first time I’ve seen actual fall leaves in a long time. 

This is in Virginia City, Nevada. We took an underground mine tour here that was really cool. I also drank a “Red Eye” for the first and last time. Half bud light, half tomato juice. All disgusting. But I see something like that on a menu and I can’t help myself. It COULD have been a national treasure.

 We love costume parties. So most of our birthday parties and regular get-togethers are costume themed in some way. This was my Mexican themed birthday party last year. Kinda missing my dark hair now that I see this picture…

The hub’s Rockband Party. I was Avril Lavigne. He was Rob Zombie.

And last but not least, this was at Burning Man (a week long festival in the Nevada desert). We dressed up for the Million Bunny March. It’s probably good you can’t see my outfit cuz I looked like a dirty, dirty tramp from the neck down.

Tomorrow, I might get all sappy and do a wedding post. If your lucky! 😉

My hubs HATES running. Anyone think I can get him to go running with me for an anniversary present? heh


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