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Running and Fun Stuff

Oh, hi there.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written but I’ve been busy, so any downtime I have is blissfully spent doing nothing at all. Doing nothing is my third favorite thing to do (behind eating and sleeping) so here is all the not nothing that has been going on. Let’s start with the important stuff first:

I ran once!


Last weekend my running bud, Brad, texted me that he was fat and in desperate need of a run. I’m not training for anything (yet) but I agreed to meet up with him at 5:30am on a Saturday morning out of the goodness of my heart. Neither of us had run more than two miles in four months, so really it was a test of will. We set out to do 8 miles and turned around like big babies at 3.25 miles for a total of 6.5. It took us the same amount of time it usually takes us to do 8 miles, so we are definitely out of practice, but it was so good to catch up with Brad that I might agree to run again at some point before October when I need to start training again.

I went to Savannah for a girl’s weekend.


Every year, a bunch of girlfriends and I get together for a girl’s night out. It usually involves getting a hotel in downtown Orlando and going out on the town for the night, but this year someone had the bright idea to make a weekend out of it and go to Savannah. Savannah is hella hot. I know this is coming from an Orlando girl, but damn. No breeze. I was actually telling Cheyanne to hurry up and take the pic above because I was melting to death.

Surprisingly, twelve of us decided to go which is amazing since it required all of us to make a commitment and pay four months ahead of time. It’s a four hour drive from Orlando, so we carpooled in three cars. We rented a house downtown (the house was on top of a Pokestop!) and had the BEST time bar hopping, eating great food (the pimento cheese, omg), shopping, and sight seeing.






My favorite thing we did was a bar hopping 15-person bike ride through downtown Savannah. This is the bike.

Capture(1) (1)

All we had to do was pedal and drink. The steering and braking was done for us. We stopped at five bars in two hours and we wished the tour was four hours it was so freakin’ fun. Oh, and Savannah is open carry like Las Vegas or New Orleans so…yeah. We always had drinks in our hands.




Seriously, if you find yourself in Savannah, I highly recommend Savannah Pedals. It was non-stop laughing, singing, and drinking for two hours with some pretty fun tour guides. There was a great video that I wanted to post here of the ride but I can’t get it to save so I can upload it, so you’ll have to imagine all of us singing Apple Bottom Jeans and dancing in our seats while Michelle pulled on one of the poles like a stripper.

On our way out of town, Lisa and I stopped at the Bonaventure Historical Cemetery. Bonaventure is famous for having the Midnight of Good and Evil grave stone. Unfortunately, I learned while I was there that they moved the grave stone to a local museum because of the foot traffic on the grave and because tourists were vandalizing it. Ugh. People are a-holes. But the cemetery is still amazing.







The cemetery is so big, it’s easier to drive to see it all. It’s also still used today. We saw gravestones from the 1800’s and from 2014. We got there early and I’m glad we did because it was getting pretty crowded by the time we left at 10:00am.

I saw Gwen Stefani in concert. On a Tuesday.


I was not loving Wednesday at work but man, that was a great concert. She even did five No Doubt songs so it was like two concerts in one. I’m really good at losing my phone, so it makes sense that I left it in the bathroom at the concert. I realized it about 5 minutes later and went back to look for it and it was gone. Someone actually turned it in to lost and found so thank goodness for honest people. To the girl that found my phone and didn’t keep it – thank you.

Hubs and I finished season 1 of Stranger Things.

stranger things

If you haven’t heard of Stranger Things, it’s a new Netflix show that literally everyone has been recommending to me. It’s best described as “Stephen King meets The Goonies.” Anyway, I liked it but it did not live up to the hype for me. Everyone is talking about how terrifying it is and after I saw it, I wondered if we were watching the same show. It was not terrifying. Or maybe I am slow to terrify? Either way, I thought the acting was great (minus Winona’s over-acting), the music was great, and it was good enough to watch a second season. But I would not go so far to say that it was the “best show since Game of Thrones” like one of my friends did. Those are fightin’ words.

We also finished season 3 of Bojack Horseman.


If you are not watching that show, you NEED to. Do not be put off that is it a cartoon. It is funny as hell and touches on some really serious topics like mental health issues. I’m surprised a show like that can be so funny and so intense at the same time. It’s already been renewed for season 4 so, woo hoo!

And of course, some gratuitous bunny shots. (Pants has an instagram now if you are into things that are adorable.)



Alright, so that’s it for now. This weekend will be a blissful weekend of nothing and then I get a visit from my favorite Texan next weekend! That’s sure to be a shit show. She’s already asked me if we’ll be running while she’s here. <—- LOL, no, no we will not.


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The Fun Stuff

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you. The ones who commented on yesterday’s post, the ones who tweeted, facebooked, emailed, and carrier pigeoned words of good luck and congratulations. I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart and they really lifted my spirits before and after the marathon. You all are amazing.

I have a bunch of running thoughts that I’ll put into writing soon but first I want to talk about the fun stuff in Savannah that didn’t almost kill me (a.k.a not the marathon).

Michelle and I went to two blogger meet-ups and dragged Dan along with us. The first one was Friday night at Chart House.

Chart House is a chain restaurant but this one had a lot of charm to it.

Originally, this girl was supposed to meet us for dinner, but she got tired of stalking us all day once we figured her out at Mellow Mushroom. We still had a great time anyway and met some really fun ladies.

I ordered the Cobb Salad as to not upset the bowel gods the next day. It was good, but not worth $15. Or maybe not pooping your pants during a race is priceless. So I guess if you look at it that way, it was worth $15.

Saturday night after the marathon, we met up with some blogger friends at Moon River, which is haunted and was featured on Ghost Hunters. (I only know that because my best friend is a nerd.)

All the girls from left to right: Me, Tina, Julie, Michelle, Allison, Meghann, and Katy. And somehow we have one girl missing from the picture.

(picture stolen like it’s hot from Julie)

Julie and Ryan ran the half marathon in under 2 hours.

Meghann pushed Ben to a 15 minute marathon PR and Katy rocked the half.

Tina rocked the half marathon as well with a 1:50 finish.

And despite what you see in this post by Tina or this post by Meghann, I did in fact have my eyes open at dinner. See? Open!

I had to keep them open to look at the beauty that was my big fat burger with onion rings the size of my face.

After dinner, we went to a really cute ice cream parlor called Leopold’s.

We all hung around and chatted some more. Then Dan and I shared a moment.

Fun fact: Michelle’s husband and my husband went to high school together but never knew each other.

We all had a lot of fun but I was seriously tired at the end of the night. We got back to the hotel around 10:30 and I was in bed by 11:00. < — one woman party


Ok, so I need a vote from you all. Dan and I seem to be the master of awkward photos. Vote for the most awkward!


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