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Do I Look Like a Juicy T-bone to You?

I’m not a fan of dogs. There. I said it. But let me tell you why.

If any of you have run in a park before, you know that is the spot to find a lot of people walking their dogs. Or, I should say a lot of dogs walking their people.

***DISCLAIMER: This post contains quasi-graphic photos.***

I’ve had numerous occasion on runs in the park or in my own neighborhood where a dog would run after me. These are dogs without leashes or their owners in sight. These are dogs without leashes and their owners shouting for them to come back. These are dogs on leashes that are way too long.

About a year and a half ago, I left my house like any other weekend to go for a run in the park. I was walking on the sidewalk and headed to the entrance of my neighborhood. I got about 4 houses down where my neighbor was standing in her yard with her leashed dog when this happened:


A Scottish Terrier thought I was a threat to its territory, ran toward me, jumped up and bit my thigh. (By the way, that’s my upper thigh. Those dogs can JUMP.)


After the bite, I went home and cleaned the wound with Betadine Solution and consulted my mom (who is an RN) about whether I should go to the hospital or not. (I was having delusions of foaming at the mouth.)

I went back to the neighbor’s house and asked to see the dog’s shot records. The records were up-to-date thankfully. So, I didn’t go to the hospital.

The bite took about 6 weeks to heal completely.


Week 2


Week 3  (Those lines are the teeth marks.)


Week 4


Week 5

I want this post to be a reminder that not all dogs are friendly, and that even the friendliest of dog can feel threatened and want to protect itself or someone else.

I was lucky that the owner’s of the dog kept its records up-to-date. But you really never know what can happen.

So, be careful out there.

Does anyone else run the other way when they see a dog? I try to get maximum safe distance for sure.


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