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A Good Run

I missed my workout on Monday evening because I had to work late. I never work late. So when I do I get really irritable about it. You made ME work late one day this whole year? HOW DARE YOU workplace that has been nothing but good to me for the past 8 ½ years!  Plus, missing workouts just makes the day worse because it does not mean I make better food choices because I won’t be burning calories that day. It’s the exact opposite. I workout; I eat well. I don’t workout; I polish off the box of graham crackers with frosting and wash it down with some vodka. 

Yesterday, my jaw was killing me all day. I have to wear a night guard every night while I sleep because I grind my teeth. And I’m not talking a light grinding where it’s “recommended” that I wear a night guard. I discovered I grind my teeth when I was 17 and the grinding woke my mom up in the middle of the night. No joke. My grinding was loud enough to wake up a sleeping, old woman.

Speaking of my mom, she’s even older today. It’s her birthday. Happy Birthday Mama Bird!

Since I was 17, I’ve chewed through 5 night guards. I can’t use the rubber ones because they last about 6 months until they are so destroyed I can’t wear them anymore. So I have to get special porcelain ones made at the dentist. They require impressions and being sent away to labs and fittings once they come back in. So, they cost $500 each. They are not covered by insurance, and I need them if I want to not have chalky white nubs in my mouth.


Dentists have told me that I need stress management. Well, since then I have changed shitty, stressful jobs, changed living situations, changed shitty, stressful boyfriends, and started working out and I still grind my teeth. I’ve even tried acupuncture. No dice. It’s what I do and it sucks.

Every now and then the grinding at night makes my jaw sore during the day and the soreness gives me a headache. The reason I’m telling you this is because it almost made me not go to the gym last night. Running either makes it worse or makes it better and I never know which one it will be until I get on the treadmill.

Well, I did make it to the gym. I did my speed run that wasn’t that speedy because I was afraid to piss off my legs even more after those 20 miles on Saturday.

Here’s what it looked like:

     8 x 800 (1/2 mile) at a 9:13 pace.  (.5 incline)
    Total mileage: 6.10

The run felt pretty good AND it cured my headache! Ahhh…finally a day I can not bitch about running. Thank you running for reminding me you do something other than make my ass sore and give me blisters.

This weekend, our long run is 10 miles. I never thought it would be a relief to run 10 miles. But it is. Because running 20 miles sucks. Unless you’re crazy. Since it’s a holiday weekend, it’s considered an “on your own” weekend with my running group. My group still gets together, but I’m sleeping in every day this weekend and doing my long run on the treadmill. Marathon training is really taking its toll on me and I need a break from the early mornings.

In random news, my in-laws bought Rango and loved it.


They hate all animated movies. In fact, neither one of them can stay awake longer than 30 minutes if one is playing. Not even Pixar can melt their cold, lifeless souls.

Well, Hubs and I borrowed the movie because we keep hearing great things about it and because we couldn’t believe they would like an animated movie. Has anyone else seen this? Because we couldn’t really get into it. It’s not particularly funny or cute. The first 20 minutes were pretty bad, then it got a little better after that but we only made it 45 minutes in. Is it worth finishing? Or is the first half just like the second?

RanGowatchsomethingelse?  (You think that joke is lame now but you’ll use it one day and thank me.)


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