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Three Things Thursday

(last night’s) Workout: Ran outside 7.1 miles (67 min) (9:25 pace)

Houston, we have a problem.

I had a little Garmin issue at mile 5. I stopped to fix it and thought I had pressed pause, but no such luck. I’m happy with my pace on this run overall, but it was really hard to maintain. Doing that for another 6 miles sounds pretty torturous at the moment. So, that worries me about the Gasparilla Half Marathon on Sunday.


I didn’t exactly get to TV Tuesday this week, so I thought I’d make Three Things Thursday about TV! Clearly watching 5 hours of it a day isn’t enough for me, so I have to talk about it too.

Today’s three things are TV shows that were awesome, but cancelled too early.

I could go on and on about Veronica Mars and Dead Like Me, but I won’t…because I already did. All of these shows barely made it 2 seasons. I’m pretty sure I shed tears for each one of them while eating a gallon of ice cream with a wooden spoon to comfort myself.

1.  Pushing Daisies


This show is so cute it’s ridiculous. It’s like bunnies snuggling in oversized tea cups.

This show is a comedy/drama about Ned – a man who has the power to bring people back to life by touching them. If he touches the person again, they die…again. If he doesn’t touch them within a minute of bringing them back to life, someone in the vicinity of where they are will die.

Ned uses his power to help find the killers of those who were murdered (by temporarily bringing the murdered person back to life, asking him or her questions, and fulfilling their last wish). Helping Ned is along the way is a private detective (Chi McBride) and Ned’s childhood love, Charlotte (Anna Friel), who was dead…but Ned brought her back to life…so he can’t touch her…or she’ll die again.

This is getting complicated.

Just watch it.

2.  Samantha Who?

This sitcom (no laugh track, whew) stars Christina Applegate as a woman who suffers from amnesia. She’s forced to find out who she really was before she lost her memory and what she learns is that she wasn’t a good person.

This show is really funny and really cute. It co-stars Melissa McCarthy (Sookie on Gilmore Girls!) as one of Samatha’s friends, and Barry Watson (hottie from 7th Heaven!) as her on again/off again boyfriend.

The cast of this show just works together really well and the episodes have that perfect mixture of funny and heartwarming (I think Cougar Town has that too. Go watch that one now while it’s still on the air so I don’t have to cry myself to sleep if it gets cancelled).

3.  Party Down


You’ve probably never heard of this show. And that’s because it was on the Starz network and no one gives a crap about that station. I think.

Anyway, the best way to describe this show is The Office but with caterers. This one is about a bunch of out of work actors who are working as caterers while trying to make it big. This show is hilarious and vulgar, and it’s so great.

It was created by Rob Thomas, who created Veronica Mars, so a bunch of actors from VM either star in or guest star in this show (including Kristen Bell). Jane Lynch also starred in the first season until Glee stole her away – because Glee is evil.  

This show is definitely worth checking out and it’s on watch instantly on Netflix if you have that.

What is a TV show you loved that was cancelled too soon? (You can’t say Firefly because everyone says Firefly. Oh, and you can’t say FlashForward either, because that show sucked.) 🙂

P.S. Hubs just won us tickets to see Wicked tonight! Fun!


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