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Feelin' Halloweeny

Saturday night, the hubs and I went to our friend K’s Halloween party. With the exception of a few people, no one knew my costume. Do you?

My other husband couldn’t make it but he was there in spirit.

My husband that could make it came dressed as a scary spider.

Someone must have had some bug spray.

I swear I left him alone for one minute.

Linda (our personal trainer) and her hubs came dressed as Bruce and Linda Lee.

Linda would like to remind us all that we will never have abs like her. Also, she’s the only woman I know who will go to a party dressed like this, eat 3 cupcakes in front of you, and then make you work out harder because she ate cupcakes.

Speaking of the cupcakes, they were adorable but easy for me to avoid because I don’t like chocolate frosting. *gasp!*

K did a really great job with all the decorations, but I didn’t get many pictures of them because it was so dark.

However, the cobwebs over the gym equipment was not lost on me.

Here are a few other pictures from the night.

We had a fun hanging out with friends. A couple drinks were definitely needed after I ran around town for hours looking for specific things for my costume that I never found. I was stressing out so much that hubs tried to help me by going out on his own search only to have his car break down. It was a stressful night so we were glad to finally relax.

Then last night, we kept with the Halloween spirit and went to see Paranormal Activity 3.

It was pretty good and better than the second one. Lots of stuff happened in the trailer that never happened in the movie. Even the Bloody Mary scene in the trailer with the two little girls was done by one of the little girls and a different actor in the movie. Either way, they tied all three movies together pretty well and there was lots of chills, so we liked it. Then everytime I woke up last night, I was sure I heard something in the house. < —- wimp

Did you celebrate Halloween this weekend?


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