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Fun on a School Night

Last night, hubs and I met up with our friend Joe to see Bassnectar at Hard Rock Live. I bought the tickets for hubs for his birthday, so I guess we’re still celebrating that damn day. Winking smile

The audience didn’t get probed by an alien spaceship. That’s just the stage set up.

This night marks the momentous occasion in which I didn’t take any pictures of myself or my friends. Those drinks must have been potent. So, instead I’ll show you a few more shots from the concert.

Why are people always putting their hands up right when I take a picture?

Can you see the DJ? Think Cousin It with more musical talent.

The show was sold out and had some really strict policies: no crowd surfing, no glow sticks, and I wasn’t allowed to have the cap to my water bottle. Good thing too because I was going to turn it into a deadly weapon.

He didn’t play my favorite song (I run to that song ALL the time) which I was really bummed about but the show sounded awesome and we all had a really good time.

What’s your favorite song to run to?

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Fun on a School Night

Last night, hubs and I met up with our friend Joe to see Bassnectar at Hard Rock Live. I bought the tickets for hubs for his birthday, so I guess we’re still celebrating that damn day. Winking smile

The audience didn’t get probed by an alien spaceship. That’s just the stage set up.

This night marks the momentous occasion in which I didn’t take any pictures of myself or my friends. Those drinks must have been potent. So, instead I’ll show you a few more shots from the concert.

Why are people always putting their hands up right when I take a picture?

Can you see the DJ? Think Cousin It with more musical talent.

The show was sold out and had some really strict policies: no crowd surfing, no glow sticks, and I wasn’t allowed to have the cap to my water bottle. Good thing too because I was going to turn it into a deadly weapon.

He didn’t play my favorite song (I run to that song ALL the time) which I was really bummed about but the show sounded awesome and we all had a really good time.

What’s your favorite song to run to?


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Girl’s Night Out

Saturday morning started out with a 10 mile run with my running group. The run was harder than I expected it to be. After doing 16 miles last weekend and not working out at all the three days prior, I thought this one would be a breeze.

Nope. It sucked. Thank goodness Michelle ran with us this time because the entire running group was ahead of me again. I just can’t keep up with them and it’s really bumming me out. Sad smile

There was one good thing that came out of this run. Or maybe I should say it didn’t come out…

I did the no sugar thing again and my stomach was great the whole time. Yay for no pooping! We finished the run in 1 hour and 43 minutes (a 10:20 pace). Not bad since that time included all the walking breaks.

After the run, I finally finished this book.

I thought there were several areas in the book that weren’t descriptive enough for me to visualize exactly what was happening, but besides that, I loved it.

Divergent is a young adult book that is very similar in genre to The Hunger Games. It’s the author’s first book (She’s 22. Feel free to hate her now.) and it’s the first in a series. I highly recommend it, but be warned that if you read this one, the next one won’t be out for a year. (You can check out the book summary at the author’s blog if you’re interested.)

Saturday night, I met up with Michelle, Jackie, Kate, and Kate’s sister-in-law, Kelley, at Frank and Steins – a new pub and eatery in downtown Orlando.

We arrived around 8:00 pm and grabbed the last table available.

Frank and Steins has a beer menu as big as most restaurants’ regular menus.

The food menu looked like a newspaper article, which I thought was super cute.

The pub had all sorts of board games you could play – we noticed other tables playing Hungry Hungry Hippo, Jenga, Operation, and Connect Four. There was even Ski Ball.

There were over 300 beers to choose from and I started off with the most girly beer I could find. My beer taste doesn’t go too far past the “Bud Light meter.”

That is until Michelle ordered a Kasteel Rouge Cherry beer that was so good I had to get one myself.

We took lots of pictures.

Michelle asked everyone to pull her finger.

And we witnessed a near bar fight.

(The balding guy in the middle put his beer down on an occupied table and the girl that was sitting at the table slammed it. hahaha. GOD I love Orlando.)

By the time we were ready to leave, the place was packed. We gave up our table to the hovering vulchers and walked over to Ember.

More drinks were consumed.

Gang signs were thrown up.

I think Michelle sang a Miley Cyrus song to us. And then at some point, we made it home.


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It's Britney, B!tch

Before I get into the night, let me just clear this up. For anyone who saw my tweet last night, I meant “spelled” not “forked.” For the love of auto correct, I swear I wasn’t drunk…yet.

After work, the bestie met up with the hubs and I at our house. We had a drink while we waited for the cab to arrive to take us downtown. And of course, we took pictures.

For this concert, we had box seats. I’m not sure if you know anything about box seats, but know this: they feed you and there is free beer and wine. And that right there is what makes them awesome.

The box area was set up with high-top tables and couches and two buffet tables. It looked like a little wine bar.

The buffets had make your own chicken and beef tacos, nachos, rice and beans, penne pasta, Cesar salad, garlic bread, antipasto, and some chicken dish.

The chicken was AMAZING. Here’s the hubs forking his. (See? I meant forking that time.)

At 8:30, they brought out the desserts – brownies and different varieties of cookies. I showed a brownie and a couple cookies who’s boss. Then we took more gratuitous pictures of ourselves.

Nikki Manaj opened but just before she came on I got a shot of the crowd from the box area. Cool looking, no?

There was another act before Nikki Manaj but I cannot think of the name of the band for the life of me. The only thing that comes to mind is Jessie and the Rippers and I’m pretty sure that’s wrong.

I don’t know one thing about Nikki Manaj, but I thought she was great. I didn’t even know her last song which is apparently her hit that everyone else in the audience knew.

After Nikki finished her set, there was a short intermission. There were screens on either side of the stage showing a countdown to showtime.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that at a concert. Usually a show just starts and you just need to make sure you’re out of the bathroom or any lines on time. So, that was pretty cool.

Britney opened with Hold it Against Me and did most of her hits.

Here’s a few more shots from the concert.

The guy sitting in the middle was brought up from the audience.

Overall, all three of us were really disappointed with the concert. Hubs and I saw Britney for the In the Zone tour and her show and song selection was so much better.

Also, one of the things I didn’t like was that she shortened about 5 of her songs. So she would start playing My Prerogative or Piece of Me, but she would only do about 30 seconds of the song and then start singing something else. And of course, they were all songs I wanted to hear.

She played a handful of crappy songs from her new album. She also did S&M from Rihanna. I’m thinking if you can’t even finish your own songs, you probably shouldn’t do someone else’s. Also, she didn’t do Circus which was a major bummer for me.

Her last song was Till the End of the World. She did the remix version with Nikki Manaj and Nikki didn’t even come on stage. They just played a video of her singing in the background. Um…didn’t she JUST open for you? Least you can do is get her ass on stage.

The show ended with a bunch of confetti which always looks awesome from afar.

I know it seems like I’m hating on this concert a lot, but I did have a lot of fun and I’m glad I went. I also enjoyed her songs and show. I was just disappointed. The bar was set really high after her last concert and after Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha (twice!) pretty much blew us away.

After the concert, we went to Ember downtown for a short time.

We got a hummus platter and some beef skewer appetizer and both sucked. So we consoled ourselves with alcohol and more pictures.

If anyone is interested in how to make your head look three times larger than your husband’s and best friend’s head put together, I have the answer.

If you want to see more Britney pictures, I’ll be putting them up on the blog’s Facebook page sometime today. So stop on by!

Now I need to decide if I have enough time to get my training run in before my dermatologist appointment. I have another chemical peel today in an effort to make myself look 20 again.

What’s your favorite skin care product you use? (I need to look younger, give me your secrets!)


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You Can Do Eet

If you didn’t see my first guest post this weekend, check it out Andrea’s blog Run, Eat, Date, Sleep. I mean, who doesn’t love a horrible date story? Especially when it’s mine and not yours.


After my 14 miler on Saturday, I have no clue what happened. Do you ever have days where you don’t remember what you did? Yep, that’s me. I hope it wasn’t anything too awesome, like making out with a celebrity, because I like to keep those moments in the ole memory bank. I do know that Saturday night we went to The Improv to see Rob Schneider.

We arrived 45 minutes early and the place was already packed, so we sat closer to the back. For those of you already inquiring, Rob kept his clothes on. So, I didn’t get to see any more up close goodie bags like the last show at The Improv.

We sat with another couple and got a picture before the camera police came out. I call this one “how to look more gigantic than your husband.”

When we got there, it was really hot inside. So, I tweeted The Improv.

And they actually responded! How awesome are they?

Rob Schneider wasn’t a favorite but he was good – and he did a long show which was cool. After the show, we met up with Lisa at The Celt downtown.

The Celt is a Scottish pub with good food. I had root beer flavored vodka with diet coke for the first time and snap! that stuff is good. I like how it looks like a regular coke. That will probably come in handy when I want to drink on the job or at church.

While we were there, a random guy told me he wanted to take me to see the Northern Lights. Then, I BLEW HIM AWAY when I told him that the Northern Lights is also called the Aurora Borealis. You can even see the smoke starting to clear from the explosion of knowledge I dropped on him.

I found out that we need to go to Canada to see the Northern Lights and that he’s totally ok with strangers (i.e. me) staying with him because “strangers stay with him all the time.” Before he left, we got a picture together. I’m trying to decide what’s more offensive – me giving the finger or my three extra chins.

That’s the power of root beer flavored vodka right there. Is it wrong that I love that picture of him so much? I didn’t even get his name. So, I’ll just call him Kenny. Kenny, if you’re out there, I love this picture of you.

Do you drink vodka? What’s your favorite flavor? Right now, I love sweet tea flavor. So good! And if you don’t drink, what flavor would like to watch me drink? 😉


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I Witnessed My First Walk of Shame

This morning, I got up at 4am to meet the Sunday running group. Usually I run with the Saturday group, but today’s run started much closer to home so I swapped days. I finally met up with the group after driving by the meeting spot three times, because I can’t follow simple instructions or actually turn when I see 2 men in shorty-shorts waving at me obviously ready to run.

Bonus for today’s run? I ran with Michelle! Also a bonus? We both got the teal memo.

My shirt is not bi-colored, by the way. That’s just my amazing talent to sweat only down to the last 2 inches of my shirt.

We did 9.5 miles (10:08 pace) around the Lake Eola area and it was beautiful out. The pace leader said it was 10 miles, but my Garmin begs to differ. Here are a few pictures I took after the run.

A Chinese gazebo around Lake Eola. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen it. I told that to the hubs, and he shook his head and walked away.

Baby ducks! Sooooo adorable. I want some.

There were tons of swans everywhere

Part of the path we ran.

Around mile 8, I was privileged enough to witness my first walk of shame. No, it was not my own. The girl was getting into her car and she had on the shortest mini-dress ever, messy hair, and she was carrying her shoes in her hand. Of course I called her out, and it went something like this:

  • Me: “Is that the walk of shame?”
  • Michelle: “Ooooh yeah!”

Yes, it was said loud enough so she could hear. I know we aren’t nice people. But we both accept we are going to hell and can keep each other company there. Couldn’t be much hotter in hell than in Florida anyway.

A couple things about the run:

  • It was my best training run since I started running with my group a month ago. I felt good the whole time and I liked the pacing.
  • Running with Michelle is way better than not running with Michelle.
  • The pace leader actually lead. In my group, I’m always ahead of the pacers, which I hate.
  • There’s a creepy, non-talker guy in Michelle’s group that doesn’t even look at you or respond when you talk to him directly. It is now my mission to break that tough exterior and get him to smile, even if it means a tickle fight. 50-year-old men like those, right?

When I got home, I fine tuned my culinary skills by making a peanut butter and jelly English muffin with Fruit Loops on top.

And I got in some bunny play time. She was not about to let those ducks be cuter than her.

Well played, Pants. Well played.

Now it’s time to get some Good Will stuff organized and make another trip to Target. I saw some things I wanted yesterday that I was too lazy to carry and we all know getting a cart means walking back to the front of the store.

What’s the weirdest thing you eat that you love? (That Fruit Loop thing was a fluke, but man it was good.)


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Evil Dead – The Musical!

Yesterday was a good day.

First, there was a lot of nothing and then we gathered our friends K and Steve to drive to the Theatre Downtown to see Evil Dead – The Musical. The play is based on the horror/comedy, cult classic Evil Dead movies for those of you thinking, “WTF is this girl going to?”

When we arrived, there was a line to get in and nasty weather was approaching quickly.

I hate this picture of me, but K looks cute, so I’ll post it. (And don’t let that temporary sunshine fool you.)

We made it in just as a few raindrops were starting to fall.

When we got inside, we sat in the waiting room for about 10 minutes before they let us into the theatre. There was no air conditioning in the waiting room and it was sweltering.

So sweltering my camera refused to take a focused shot.

The theatre is small but charming and it holds 120 people. We were seated in the second row in the Splatter Zone.  <—- remember that

Last shot of us before the show! (Steve is the third person down. Let’s pretend I’m not too lazy to change my camera settings and we can see him.)

The show was great and the musical numbers were hilarious. We even liked all the actors and thought they did a great job. I’m not a fan of musicals or plays, but I loved it. The show runs through July 2, so if you’re in town, I highly recommend it. Our show was sold out, so I also recommend calling for reservations.

I mentioned we were in the Splatter Zone, right?

That’s corn syrup by the way. Sticky, sticky corn syrup.

Steve got it the worst. Or maybe that’s the best.

That’s what you get for sitting at the end closest to the stage.

As we were taking pictures after the show, a girl asked if I wanted her to take a picture of our group. I look over and it was my FAVORITE character in the play. Ash’s “sista.”

That girl is crazy funny. LOVED her.

I guess the theatre has only one bathroom facility because all the cast members were washing off the fake blood in the public restroom since they had another show to do in a half hour. Makes me want to support the Theatre and get these poor cast members a sink.

We all had an awesome time. Totally worth the $22 ticket price.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a cheaper way to get red highlights. Only $22 people.


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My First Blogger Meetup

I had so much fun last night!

After work, Michelle picked me up at the house (in full dating fashion) to head down to Matteo’s for our first blogger meet up. Matteo’s is a family-style Italian restaurant on International Drive (and was Nelore previously for those of you in the Orlando area.)

Michelle and I arrived a little after 6:00pm and the parking lot was empty. So, we did what any normal girl would do. We sat in the car for 15 minutes, took self-portraits, and waited to go in so we didn’t look like stalkers being the first ones there.  

Michelle checked her Tweets to make sure the meetup wasn’t canceled. If it was cancelled, we were going to get drunk and cry and hold each other all night.

After about 15 minutes, we still didn’t see anyone we stalked online knew, so we went in and ordered a drink.

I have to say, we were pretty nervous to meet all our fellow bloggers! Michelle and I have read several of the lady’s blogs for awhile now, so it was like meeting celebrities to us. 🙂

Thank you Three Olives grape vodka and soda for relieving me of that nervousness.

The food at Matteo’s was DELICIOUS.

Michelle and I started with a salad. I don’t see the name online, but it was a spring mix with goat cheese, Craisins, walnuts, with a raspberry vinaigrette (on the side). Amazing.

Then we had the Burned Vegetables. Sounds strange…but it was the JAMMY JAM. I didn’t get a picture because it was eaten too fast, but picture vegetables. Then picture them burned.

If I see Matteo’s describe those veggies as the JAMMY JAM on their menu, I’m suing for copywrite infringement.

For our main course, we shared the Grilled Colossal Shrimp Matteo served over primavera vegetables.

These veggies were drenched in all sorts of oil and butter, but it was so fresh and nom-tastic. (New word. Use it!) I would definitely recommend this place. Great food and great service. The waiters even offered our 10-top table a drink on the house afterwards but we declined since we didn’t want to look like alcoholics in front of each other just yet were driving.

This is the first time I’ve ever gone out with a bunch of ladies I didn’t know and I had so much fun. We chatted all night about everything and it felt like we had all been friends for a long time. It was the strangest thing! I can’t wait for the next meet up because it was crazy fun.

Our server, Craig, was kind enough to take a picture of us all. He also made sure to tell us his name started with a C. I’m glad he did, too. I was worried it was spelled “Kraig.”

If you don’t already read these ladies blogs, you should check them out.

From left to right:  my buddy Michelle from Crazy Running Legs, MomJovi (best blog name evaar), Me!, Christine from Cook the Story, J from J’s Everyday Fashion, Katy Widrick, Jamie from Work Your Closet, Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers, Colleen (and possibly my new drinking buddy) from Lady Ballers, and Bess from Central Florida Top 5.

After dinner, Michelle dropped me off at home and I went back out to meet up with my friend Morgan at the Wine Bar in Baldwin Park.

Morgan is in town from Reno for one night. Today, she drives to Tampa to try on her wedding dress right before heading back home. Morgan is getting married next year, so I’m saving my pennies for the festivities. 🙂

Fun fact:  Reno is in my top 5 list of places I would like to move to in the U.S. I just LOVE that town. So, maybe one day I will pack up the hubs and the bunny and head out there.

Tonight, I have a workout with the personal trainer and then a 4:45am wake up call for the first run with my marathon training group Saturday morning. We’re running 10 miles. No need to ease us into it. Good Lawd. I can’t wait to see how it goes!

Not the waking up part. That won’t go well.

If you could live anywhere, where would you choose? (I also love Seattle and San Diego (which is close to my family.)


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Bar Louie

First up: Did you enter my Music Giveaway? If you didn’t, remember that a kitten dies every time you think about entering but don’t. Save the kittens.

I just got back from our weekend in Miami, and I am worn out. Also, I’m behind on reading about 27 million blog posts. I guess the blog world doesn’t stop when I go out of town like I thought it did. If I commented on your blog this weekend, it was before I realized how annoying it is to comment on a blog from your phone.

Anyway, before I get into that whole Miami thing, I wanted to tell you about last Thursday.

My friend (and old roommate) Danielle was in town on business, so we decided a group of us would meet up for dinner and drinks. Danielle moved to South Carolina (from Orlando) about 6 years ago and I’ve only seen her once since she moved.

Here’s some old school goodness of Danielle and I in some random bar. Random bars = our home away from home.

Danielle and I met at work, which is also where I met Michelle, Melissa, and my hubs. Got all those names down? Work with me and you score good friends and husbands! If you are on the look out for more good friends and husbands that is.

Here’s a few pics from Danielle’s last visit.

Melissa, me, and Danielle

Michelle and Danielle

The hubs and I met Danielle, Michelle, and Melissa at Bar Louie on Sand Lake Road.

(Picture lifted like it’s hot from Michelle’s Flickr account. Fabian looks extra babe-licious here.)

Bar Louie is where Michelle, her hubby Dan, and I had our pre-race dinner before the Gasparilla Half Marathon. We loved it in Tampa, so we were happy to find out the place is a chain and there was one by us in Orlando.

We started off with a few drinks including a skinny mojito. The mojito never had a chance sitting in front of me. So, no picture of that.

There is an uncomfortable picture of me eating an orange. Who’s up for seeing that?!

We can thank Michelle for this Mona Lisa too.

I had the Thai Cobb Salad with a grilled Portobello on top.

I probably should have gotten chicken instead of just putting more veggies on my veggies. It was still good, I mean…I’ll eat anything pretty much. Even if it sucks.

Hubs got the Voodoo Chicken with the sauce on the side which was crazy good. I’ll be getting this next time if I have the strength not to order one of their awesome burgers.

Who puts THAT much sauce on the side? Trough of sauce? Well, ok!

We had an awesome time hanging out and chatting. I forget how much I miss spending time with someone when they’re away for so long, until I see them again. (Miss you, D!)

Michelle and I are always running so many races, it was fun hanging out with her, having a few drinks, and not having to worry about a race the next morning. Plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Melissa, so it worked out altogether.

I think Bar Louie is my new favorite spot. The food is so good and I love the atmosphere. Plus, they have “Skinny” mojitos and margaritas so I can only dive half way into a pit of despair the next day when I add up all the calories I consumed. Well, it’s time for me and the hubs to pick up the bunny from grandma and grandpas. We missed her!

How was your weekend? Did the kitty picture guilt you into entering my giveaway?



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Hot Date

(last night’s) Workout: Ran outside 3.5 miles (9:04 pace)

Last night before I left work, the Hubs texted me and told me not to eat dinner. Anniversaries on a Wednesday aren’t exactly exciting. So, I was happy to hear I was getting a hot anniversary date after all!

We had a little time before our reservation, so I did a quick (for me) 3.5 mile run and got ready for our 8pm reservation, which is crazy in itself since we normally eat dinner around 5:30 or 6. (By the way, sorry for the dark pics. I felt weird using a flash where we were.)

Hubs took me to Norman’s in the Ritz Carlton which is a “Fusion of Latin, Caribbean and Asian recipes with traditional European technique” according to their Web site.

This is from the Ritz-Carlton Web site

 Bob Sagat has something to say about this place:

Err, wait. Maybe I’m confused.

One of Zagat's top restaurants in America

ZAGAT. I gotta remember that one.

Once we sat down, the server immediately brought champagne. And a fancy anniversary menu!


Hubs and I both started with the House Salad.

Vinaigrette, Chevre, Marcona almonds, dried fruits.

OMG. This salad. I would put this stuff in a feed bag and just strap it to my face if I could.

My main course was the Florida Black Grouper.

Potato gnocchi, olives, tomatoes, capers

Excuse me waiter? I’m sorry. I ordered the LARGE plate.

I laughed when I saw the plate. I guess that’s one way of making you feel like you ate less.

I did not care for the tomatoes/olive/caper deal, but the potato gnocchi was so rich and delicious that I was glad there was only a little bit on the plate otherwise I’d have to start wearing bed sheets to work just to wear something that fits today.

Hubs had the Chimichurri Rojo Rib Eye of Beef.

His meal was really good as well. Nothing like a little protein with your protein.

After the main course, my no sugar week took a slight detour. *sigh* But it was worth it. We shared two desserts. Three flavor sorbet (coconut, raspberry, and guava)…

…and the Chocolate soufflé. 

We hated both of them.

Dinner was amazing. Hubs did good picking this place. I would highly recommend Norman’s if you’re in the area and you are looking for a special place for dinner.

Why is it that I can never understand my waiter at places like this? I think “thick, confusing accent” is one of the job requirements.

After dinner, I had to check out the bathrooms. Because that’s what normal people do. I’m a blogger. And bloggers take pictures of themselves in bathroom mirrors.

Please tell me the bathroom mirror adds 10lbs.

No paper towels here, only hand cloths.

After I put about 4 of those in my purse, we high-tailed it out of there and got our car from the valet. Here’s us waiting for the car.

When we got home, we were tired. Hubs was already in bed when I found a little something from him on my computer desk. The illuminated keyboard I’ve been drooling over!


Some girls like diamonds. I like electronics and nerdy stuff. Don’t even get me started over the bowling ball he got me for my 26th birthday. < —- love ❤ ❤  For real.

By the way, that’s how married couples do it. If you’re not married, just know that you can turn around at any second and your husband will be in bed sleeping with no warning. They only stay awake for you when you’re dating.

Hubs left a little note with my new keyboard. Just some back story first, Hubs was telling me lame jokes all day yesterday. He told me he needed to “Kenny Logon” to his computer. I stared at him for about 2 minutes straight without blinking and said nothing so he knew his joke was lame. Then he told me he was going to “Kenny Logoff.”

Here’s the note:

I didn’t really steal the handcloths. In case you’re still thinking about that. 😉


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