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OLV Café

After the awkward massage yesterday, the bestie and I went to the OLV Café for lunch. Awhile back, Eversave Orlando hosted a giveaway on the blog for OLV Café and as a reward for hosting, I received a voucher to try it out too. Smile

OLV Café is located on Crystal Lake Street in Downtown Orlando in a beautiful shopping plaza that has the most modern looking Target I’ve ever seen.

We arrived around 1:30pm and there was almost no one there.

The place was really modern inside and looked like a half café, half wine bar.

They had a full menu including a tapas menu and all sorts of beer and wine.

The bestie and I started out with the Blue Crab Cakes for an appetizer. Delicious! And pretty!

For our lunch, we each ordered the Blackened Chicken Sandwich (Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, and a Dijionaise sauce (on the side) on a hoagie roll. You have a choice of fruit or chips on the side.

The food was so good from the first bite, we already knew we were coming back. The hoagie roll was toasted on the outside but soft on the inside. I couldn’t believe they could make something as simple as a chicken sandwich taste so rockin’. Once we realized how good the sandwich was, we were bummed we didn’t order two different sandwiches and share.

The server told us on Saturday nights they have a DJ and it gets pretty busy. It’s great for lunch and dinner, but I’d like to stop there one night and have a few drinks too.

Today was supposed to be a rest day for me, but now I’m debating a run. A lot of this happened last night.

It’s a good AND bad thing when it’s almost you’re birthday and your friends know your immense love of cupcakes.

If you’re in the Orlando area, check out OLV Café. And take me with you.

Quick! You just found out your next meal is your last. What do you eat? (Right now, a gyro with extra tzatziki sauce, waffles fries from Chic-fil-a with Ranch dressing, and a large cookies n cream cupcake from Sweet!)

P.S. I was not obligated to do this review, I just wanted to because I loved it so much.


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A Delicious Giveaway!

In the past, I’ve had a running giveaway and music giveaway, it’s time to honor the “Eat” part of my blog. It’s only fair, right? I have a neat little giveaway for you that is available to Orlando area residents only. Sorry to everyone else outside the area, but I promise there will be another giveaway for everyone in the future.

Michelle at Eversave Orlando contacted me about an awesome giveaway for my amazing readers. Eversave Orlando offers daily deals called “Saves” for 50-90% off at local businesses in Orlando – from different restaurants, salons, and cafes to family activities, fitness centers, and more. Think “Groupon” for the Orlando area.

Michelle would like to give one lucky winner a voucher for $30 worth of food at OLV Café.

Um. This place looks seriously cute.

OLV Café is located in downtown Orlando at:

25 West Crystal Lake Street
Orlando, FL  32806

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Two additional entries possible:

The giveaway winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

Good luck!


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