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What Happens in Vegas, Goes on My Blog

Why, hello there Vegas. So nice to see you again.

After sitting next to an armrest hogger on the plane (middle seats should always get both armrests because I say so), reading Volume 3 of The Walking Dead graphic novel series, playing Angry Birds for the first time ever, landing and going (willingly) to Starbucks for the first time ever, and almost getting sucked into a timeshare presentation on the shuttle ride to the hotel, we made it safely.

We were starving after our almost 5 hour flight, so hubs and I hit the bar at Gonzalez y Gonzalez in New York, New York and waited for Michelle and Dan to meet us there for dinner.

While waiting, I spotted an interestingly shaped liquor bottle.

And had a few drinks. Patron shot with a lemon instead of a lime.

Once Michelle and Dan arrived, we sat down to eat. I ordered a gigantic burrito. It may have been called that on the menu.

I was sure I could never finish something that big until I did. (TWSS?) I ate the ENTIRE thing. Then I was tempted to ride the coaster at NY NY just so I could get rid of it.

After dinner, we all went bar hopping for a bit. Dollar Miller Lights and $2 Bud Lights at Casino Royale. I’ll take it! (Thanks for the tip, Victoria.)

Then we headed over to Lavo at The Venetian. (That’s a long ass walk from NY NY by the way.)

We met up with Meghann and Anne for some dancing and drinks. They looked super cute in their dresses and made me and Michelle look like Shrek in our jeans.

Stolen from Meghann.

Lavo had 2 drinks for the bargain price of $25. Thanks for bending me over, Vegas. Despite me complaining about prices like an old man and only being awake because of a can of Sugar Free Red Bull, I had a great time.

I hope Meghann’s sweet photo bomb isn’t cut off there, because it is when I preview the post but not when I look at the uploaded graphic.

Dan and I even managed to get another picture in the Dan/Paula Archives of Awesome.

Stolen from Michelle.

One things for certain, I am not hydrated for this race tomorrow.


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