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In with the New

Nothing like chopping your hair on one of the coldest days of the year. (It was 39ºF coming into work this morning, which might as well be -10ºF by Orlando standards.)

My hair has been driving me crazy lately. Just drying and styling it is like an all-day event that requires bathroom breaks and catered sandwiches for when you get hungry. So it was time for a change. I got a natural ombré to darken my hair a bit (which my friend matched to my roots) and a long inverted bob (that I’ll get more inverted next week now that I know I like it).

Here’s what I look like today (in poor lighting).

I’m not really great at styling it yet. I need a couple days to figure out how to do it. But, it’s so nice (and scary) to get rid of all that hair.


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I’ll Have an Ombre Kind Sir

I’ve run more this week than I have in a long time and I’m kinda loving it. Thursday, I did a speed run just like Monday’s run and yesterday I did a 6 mile tempo run. Five of those miles were at a 9:05 pace. Sure, there might have been a “special delivery” at mile 2 and a walk to chug water at mile 3, but I haven’t been able to run at that pace for that many miles in I don’t know how long. I know one week’s worth of speed work couldn’t have increased my pace already, so maybe it’s giving me a little more confidence that I’m able to run faster?

Anyway, staying true to form, I watched another TV show that I’ve never seen before during my run: Kourtney and Kim Take New York. I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike Kim K more than I already do, but turns out – it’s possible.

The girl is annoyingly dumb and selfish. I used to feel bad for Kris Humphries, but turns out, he’s just as dumb as she is. It bothers me that she’s famous. But enough about that.

Today, I had a salon appointment. I fear getting my hair done now, especially since the last appointment turned out so well. I went to yet another new stylist and wanted to get my hair highlighted to look like something I had in the past. Unfortunately, this was the only good picture I could find of my hair.

Definitely not awkward showing that to a stranger.

Anyway, after talking to the stylist for awhile and telling him how I wanted the highlights to show more on the bottom, he told me it sounded like I wanted “the ombre.” Not to be confused with “Hombre.”

After my Friends flashback, I realized he was serious. That’s the name of a type of hair coloring. I say, if it’s good enough for Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson, it’s good enough for me.

So I decided to get ombre’d instead. (By the way, you know you need your bangs cut when your heterosexual male friend tells you that you look like a sheepdog.)

I like it. Although, I think it’s time to grow out my bangs again. (Hear that, Chris?)

After my appointment, I met hubs at Boardwalk Bowl. He was there with a couple of our friends, Steve and K, for a charity event put on by a rock radio station here in Orlando. (We know one of the DJs). Steve is not a fan of bowling. Or pictures.

By the time I got there, they had already played 3 games so I just decided to watch instead of play. Hubs ended up buying $50 worth of raffle tickets since all the money went to charity. He was really excited when one of his raffle numbers was called because he finally won something. Or lost, depending on how you look at it.

A bowling pin painted like a football and signed by all the DJs at the radio station. Just what we wanted.

I’m off to find the perfect place for that bowling pin in the back of the closet.


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How to Spend 3 Hours at a Salon and Still Look Like Crap

I went to get my hair done today. I hate going to the salon because it’s always a 3-hour ordeal. I usually get highlights and since my hair is naturally red, it takes forever to process. So I get my hair done maybe twice a year. Today was that day.

Wow, it was hard to take that picture while driving. —->  Just kidding. Probably.

I asked for blonde chunky highlights with a black base. I didn’t want the very top of my hair highlighted because once the highlights start growing out, it’s not as noticable. I’ve done this before and it makes it especially easy for me neglect my hair for 7 months at a time.

When my stylist was done, the highlights weren’t chunky, so I can barely see them. And there were areas that should be black that she missed. I pointed the areas out and she asked if I wanted to come back in so she could fix them. Sitting in a salon for another 3 hours sounds worse than walking around with crappy hair right now. So she fixed some areas before I left and sent me home so I could rinse out the color myself.

Having tin foil in your hair is a pleasure when you’re sitting at a traffic light.

After I rinsed out my hair, I found all sorts of new spots that piss me off.

So I had my hair professionally done to look like I did the color myself. < —- Awesome.

I realize that picture isn’t bad but I have it styled so you can’t see any of the crappy areas and the highlights aren’t what asked for. My stylist left me a message. She wants me to come back in. Would you sit for another (possible) 3 hours to fix it?

Ok, I’m done bitching about my hair now. I should probably start being thankful for something since Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I guess you go to the same stylist for 10 years and eventually you get something you don’t like, right? So…I am thankful for the other times she did not screw up my hair.


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New (un)Style

My hair is all done and purdy-like. I decided to go with the Sandra Bullock style and get more blonde highlights – plus, get the roots done on the highlights I already had.

That was a last minute decision. Walking in, I was just going to have my roots done and have chocolate brown lowlights put in. Maybe next time.

You know how your hair looks better the day after you wash it? Well, mine doesn’t. Mine looks like a greasy burger from Five Guys. I have to wash my hair daily, and sometimes twice a day if I work out. (I’m that disgusting red-faced, sweaty chic at the gym.)

You know when my hair does look good?

Ugh. It never fails.

Here I am getting toned. (Not my muscles.)

I caught up on blogs during my appointment and tried to comment on them from my phone which is really annoying. I wanted to get an oil change afterwards, but I was too hungry and needed to head home to do some damage to the refrigerator.

This was all I had in my purse for a snack during my 3 hour appointment.

Almonds sitting on my girly bits.

Here’s me after the appointment. (Don’t worry, it’s not styled.)

I told my salon gal not to style it – so this is just blow-dried. Usually I forego the blow dry and style to save 45 minutes of my life. Today I wanted it styled but I have a 6pm appointment with the personal trainer in which my man-sweat is sure to derail any good hair day.

I do feel kinda “cutesy” having bangs again. So, I’ll post a better picture later so you all don’t think I just paid $130 to look worse.

Oh yeah, and thanks to my brother for recommending some really great styles for me in the comments. This one got knocked to second place at the last minute.


What are you doing this weekend? (I’m going to try to not drink every beer I see, and stay on the lower-carb diet I’ve been doing this week.)


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One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Can you tell the difference between these two pictures?

Yeah. Me either.

But I’ll give you a hint. One of the pictures, I rolled out of bed and didn’t shower. The other is after three hours in a salon getting my hair highlighted, trimmed, and styled.

Still can’t tell?

Yeah. Me either.

As I was leaving the salon, a girl walked by and I wanted to grab her head, rip it off, and keep it with me at all times because her hair was so cool. But I guess carrying a head around isn’t exactly “legal.”


Stupid laws and morality.

It looked like this, but with platinum blonde instead of red.

Now I wanna get my hair done again.

At least my breakfast was delicious this morning. Delicious and blurry.

Toasted english muffin topped with a piece of my famous crustless quiche, a sprinkle of goat cheese, and some hot sauce.

Can you believe this picture was taken with the same camera? I’m having camera issues.

By the way, the crustless quiche is the easiest thing to make. I pour a bag of frozen veggies (this time I used frozen stir-fry veggies) into a glass 8×8 baking dish, pour an 8-serving carton of eggbeaters over it, and bake on 375-400 degrees for 45-55 minutes. Delish!

By the way, my quiche isn’t really famous. I just said that.


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