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Yesterday, Hubs was lucky enough to win two tickets at work to see Wicked at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center (helloooo prepositional phrases!).

After work, we ran home, changed clothes, and were out the door to pick up our tickets at the venue. Ok, we didn’t literally run home. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be regretting all the food and drinks I consumed last night and my jeans wouldn’t be baking a fluffy new muffin around the belt area. #BackOnDiet

On the way to the show, I lost my awesome blogger license because I completely forgot my camera. I only ended up getting a few crapular pictures with my cell phone.

Unless you live under a rock (like me), you probably already know that Wicked is a Broadway musical of the witches of Oz.

Now, before I say anything else about this play, I need you to know a few things:

  1. This is the first play I’ve ever seen. (I did see Stomp in NYC, but that was more like a concert with brooms.)
  2. I don’t normally like musicals however, I loved The Sound of Music, Moulin Rouge, and Chicago.
  3. I knew absolutely nothing about this play going in except that it was the back story of the witches of Oz.

Now, you have those 3 items above in mind, right? Ok, good.

Wicked was not what I expected. It’s called Wicked, for one. And look at that poster that screams “secrets” and “little flying monkey thingys that will poke your eyes out!”

Secrets and Monkeys!

I mean, I thought the play was going to be much darker, so the humor really threw me for the first half hour. I guess I should have taken the clue when I saw several little girls (and one older one) dressed up like fairy princesses.

Other than not being what I expected, I thought the stage sets were amazing.

The transition between scenes in a play is so cool to see. Also, I could see the orchestra conductor which was fun too. I thought conductors were like mystical unicorns and only existed in movies like Mr. Holland’s Opus, so seeing that was a lot of fun. The acting of the main cast (Galinda and Elphaba) is impressive and of course both actresses have beautiful voices.

After the play, we went to the cast party which was held in The Mezz downtown (the same place where we had our work Christmas party.)  The tickets to the cast party were compliments of work too. The Mezz was pretty hoppin’ like a club, there was finger foods, and drinks, and it would have been awesome if I would have recognized any of the cast members.

But I didn’t.

Probably because our seats were here:

We had a really good time, anyway, chatting with some co-workers and didn’t get home until the wee hours.

Looking back on Wicked today, there were so many things I liked and so many things I thought were cute. I wish I would have known more about the play going in so I didn’t expect one thing and get another. I think this is one I’d like to see again now that I know what it’s all about. Also, I think I would have enjoyed it much more if I was sitting closer because it’s easier to get lost in the story when you don’t see the back of 2000 heads between you and the stage.

To sum it all up, everyone and their brother loves this play, and I think you will too.

Have you seen Wicked? What other plays have you seen that you would recommend?


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