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You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

I love my sister-in-law, Janis. She’s a nut and just about the most fun and big-hearted person you’d meet. She and my brother have been married for 23 years, so she’s kinda like the sister I never had. (Here’s the only picture I could find of her on my laptop.)

She loves to workout like I do, so whenever I come into town that’s the first thing she asks me to do. I got a text from her yesterday asking if I wanted to go to spin. So we hit up Frog’s Fitness for a class but got there a little early so we did 15 minutes on the stair climber to kill some time. I LOVE the stair climbers that are actually stairs.

The gym even has gigantic tires you can flip and all sorts of fun classes. Why can’t we have cool gyms like this near me in Orlando? Does California really need ALL the cool stuff?

We did an hour long spin class. It was probably one of the best spin classes I’ve ever been to. Great music, super hard, and a really good instructor that reminded me of Andre Agassi. When he wanted us to increase the tension, he would say, “give me a little tick turn, tick turn” like it was part of the music. Awesome and nerdy all at once.

The classroom was tiered so there wasn’t someone’s butt right up in my field of vision.


Usually I like that. But not in spin classes. Have I mentioned I loved this gym? It’s making me actually consider dropping $60 a month for the YMCA again, because I loved it there and forgot what it was like to love a gym.

Anyway, they also had these spin bikes that were for arms only.


You just stand on the platform and “pedal” with your arms. I’m not sure my arms could take that for an hour but I’m pretty sure I would be ripped if I did it enough.

After spin, my mom and I went to Souplantation (a.k.a. Sweet Tomatoes) to eat our weight in salad and frozen yogurt. Then we saw Mirror Mirror.

My mom loved it. After I woke her up, that is. I heard some heavy breathing around the 30 minute mark and had to shake that woman awake.

I thought it was ok. It was kinda boring at first and then it was more slapstick toward the end which didn’t fit with the rest of the movie. I did like Julia Roberts a lot. I love when she does comedy. And the guy that played the prince really reminded me of Brendan Fraser. Even his voice sounded like him.

I guess I expected more. At least I still have Snow White and the Huntsman to look forward to.



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