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Race Review: Miracle Miles 15k

Chip time: 1:38:51

Saturday morning started off with a 5:00am wake-up. Since that’s considered “sleeping in” lately, I was confused.

The Miracle Miles 15k is a race benefitting the Center for Neonatology at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. Got that? It’s also the official start of my new race season.

I got up, did that thing I do, and headed downtown early so I could pick up my race packet. Traffic was a bitch but I finally parked in hospital Parking Garage C. (<—- remember that, because I didn’t.)

I found Michelle shortly after picking up my race packet, which had one of the nicer technical T’s I’ve seen for a race.

(That’s Michelle’s shirt. She texted me this picture the day before the race. Stolen!)

After the 5k runners started, the 15k runners lined up.

There were a lot of people (about 3,500) and it was like 9th circle of hell muggy. I don’t know for sure, but I imagine that’s the muggiest circle.

Michelle and I took our usual pre-race photos.

Best unplanned photo bomb?

And we were off.

I saw some interesting things during this race including my first blind runner! He totally chicked me and I thought it was awesome. I also saw a girl with hair so long, her braid was flopping against her calves, a girl with hair to the middle of her back running with her hair down, and a girl with a SPIbelt turned backwards and the belt part under her left butt cheek. Just goes to show something different works for everyone I guess.

I also saw a ton of people I know along the course including Michelle’s pace leader, a bunch of pace leaders from my running group, and speedy Running Peanut, Victoria.


After the race, I met back up with Michelle who had found Christina. It was my first time meeting her. Hi Christina!


I’ve got to remember to take off my headphones after a race. Seriously, have you ever seen lamer looking headphones? They are the only ones that will stay on for me.

The post race was really nice. Good food (bagels from Panera, bananas, watermelon, oranges), lots of booths to visit, and family type stuff like face painting for the kids. Or adults. I guess I didn’t ask. Could have gone for a painted on pirate patch myself.

This race was tough. The heat really beat me down. My Camelbak was empty by mile 7.5 and there weren’t nearly enough water stations (I think I counted 5). I ended up walking about a half mile of the course.

I was hoping for a 10:00 minute mile pace and I got a 10:36. Not horrible, but I hope it’s not an indication that my running has gotten slower since marathon training started.

After the race, I spent about an hour looking for my car. I’m pretty sure I walked an additional 2 miles and successfully found parking garage A, B, and D.

I swear I get lost all the time in my own town. It’s so annoying. Michelle texted me the address for Parking Garage C and I used the GPS on my phone to find it. Then I got lost on the way home.

Overall, I liked the course. It was fun running through downtown Orlando. Plus, the race is cheap and for a good cause. So I guess I could risk heat stroke again…for the children.


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Instant Personal Record

My first 15k is done!

I came in around 1:39. It was extremely hot and I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed in my time because I’ve ran faster in half marathons. But I’ll blame this one on the weather. And any race sans pooping is a good one. So I’ll take it.

I’ll have a recap tomorrow.  Smile


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Careful What You Ask For

Workout: Ran on treadmill 5.1 miles (approx. 53 min), walked 1 mile

That run happened this morning, I’m proud to say. I got my ass up at 5:15am to get that little workout in. Probably a good thing since I stuffed myself with pizza and beer last night during a Mellow Mushroom happy hour. I didn’t take any pictures at the happy hour, but I did leave my camera at the table.

Never do that by the way. You’ll get the camera back with pics like this:

That’s Jim. He hates when pictures are taken of him. Probably not as much as me posting them without his knowledge. You’re welcome, Jim.

Remember all that stuff I was complaining about yesterday? Let’s just say karma bit me in the ass with most of them.

I said I was tired of only getting 6 hours of sleep at night. So, I took a nap when I got home from happy hour and then woke up every half hour all night long when I finally did go to bed.

I said I was tired of eating healthy and gaining weight. The pizza took care of both of those this morning.

That’s not the pizza I ate, but I did make it myself and wanted to prove I was at least mildly domestic. The pizza I did have was just “eh.” I gave Mellow Mushroom another try – still didn’t impress me. I’ll stick to their salads.

Oh, and another one of my complaints worked itself out directly after my run this morning. But I’ll let you just guess which one that was.

No. I was.


I signed up for my first 15k yesterday:

 The race takes place on 9/24 in Orlando. This race should be a piece of cake since it’s toward the end of my marathon training. Anyone else doing this one? Michelle – did you sign up yet? 


It’s time for me to get to work. I’m leaving early today to get this sweet face burned off again with another chemical peel.


What are you doing this weekend? (I wanna see Bridesmaids in a major way. I’m willing to scare small children with my red, peeling face to do it.)


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