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The Day Before

Let’s back this up to the weekend for a little bit. If you read Michelle or Melissa’s blog, you might be sick of hearing about this already. So I guess this post is for those of you who don’t and for me when I’m old and forgetful and want to remember that weekend when I ran a race slower when I was sober than when I was drunk.

Saturday started when my chauffer picked me up at the house and we left for our 4-hour drive from Orlando to Miami. Besides almost dying 3 minutes into the drive when someone cut us off, we made it safely to the hotel (Hyatt Regency) where we planned on meeting up with Melissa. Now, Michelle and I had never met Melissa before, but when we heard she was going to run the race with us, we asked her if she wanted to share a hotel room. She said yes in about 2 seconds and we’re still grateful she didn’t turn out to be a total creeper.

At the hotel, we said our hellos and checked into the room where we had a pretty sweet view of the city.

And then we promptly left to walk to the free shuttle service that brought us to the expo. We didn’t quite know where we were going, so when a strange man carrying all his luggage told us to follow him. We did.

Luggage guy was running the race too (and had run several of the other races Michelle and I have done) and we were all happy he didn’t seem interested in murdering us. When we got to the shuttle area, we had about 10 minutes to kill before the next one arrived. And that’s when I saw the petting zoo. With OMGcutebunnies!

And goats.

Sorry about the pig butt. I almost feel like I should put a sunburst on that thing. Anyway, Michelle and Melissa were totally not as interested in the petting zoo as I was so they didn’t even walk over to see it because they have no souls.

We got on the shuttle (ahem, school bus) shortly after and the 7 mile drive to the expo took forever. Miami traffic blows. But we were happy we weren’t the ones driving in it.

We got to the expo and did our expo thing. We picked up our bibs and t-shirts (They let Michelle and I change out our shirt size no problem. Usually expos are really picky about that.) We looked around for a bit and I bought a pair of Wright socks, which were $3 cheaper than at the running store at home. Other than that, it was really crowded and nothing special. Your basic expo.

We hopped the shuttle back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. We were starving and didn’t want to walk anywhere, so we ate at the hotel restaurant. We had a little bit of a wait, so we did the only smart thing to do the night before a race. We ordered a drink.

Hello Coconut Lime Cooler, you delicious devil you.

I say you can never have enough filters on a picture.

Once we were finally seated, we all decided to have the Latin buffet.

It was really good but probably not the best idea for a pre-race meal. I had salad, yucca, rice and black beans, chips with house-made guacamole, and some pasta thing. Because I guess pasta is Latin now.

Pork and chicken were also served along with the buffet, but it was nasty. We all decided it would be more fun to be poked in the eyeball with a fork rather than eat it.

After we stuffed ourselves, we all agreed we were too full to eat another bite. That is, until Melissa found a couple cookies she wanted to have her way with. (I think she gets to know them first.)

Then back at the room, she and Michelle had their way with a pillow they both kept calling by our waiter’s name. Honestly, I had no idea what was going on there. I do know, however, that pillow has been touched by many, many strange hotel hands. And now, two sets of lips.

After the pillow molestation, we all called it a night since we had an early wake up for the race. 🙂


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Ultra Music Festival 2011

Now that I’m back from my long weekend at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, I can say that I’ve checked many things off my bucket list. And I didn’t even know I had a bucket list. But now that I do know, these are the things that can be removed:

  1. Survived 3 days at Ultrafest: Check
  2. Saw Duran Duran in concert for the first time: Check
  3. Walked through the actual ghetto: Check
  4. Was told by a cab driver “not to walk through the ghetto” after I already walked through the ghetto: Check
  5. Successfully smuggled a 2-hour energy bottle in each bra cup 3 days in a row: Check
  6. Cried because my boobs are small enough to smuggle 2-hour energy bottles: Check
  7. Ordered a pizza that never came: Check
  8. Learned that a Dirty Sanchez is not what I thought it was: Check 
  9. Saw a girl barfing by our car as we were leaving Miami: Check
  10. Thought the girl barfing seemed an appropriate send off: Check

For those of you who may not know, Ultrafest is a 3-day techno music festival. The festival has a bunch of different stages of different sizes (maybe about 7 of them?) and each stage has a lineup of artists that will play there. The artists are different each day and play for about an hour or an hour and a half depending on how “big” they are.


Main Stage had most of the bigger acts. Deadmau5 was the last act on Saturday and Chemical Brothers was the last act on Sunday.


This was Live Stage, I think.


There were “smaller” stages too. Moby played at this one – the Carl Cox tent.



Hopefully that background helped out a little because otherwise it’s just gonna look like I attended a weekend long freakshow. Smile

Friday morning, the hubs and I drove down to Miami with our friends Pete and Becky. We stayed at the Springhill Suites which turned out to be a nice hotel in the middle of You-Might-Get-Shot Town.


Here’s a little photo montage of the weekend:

Getting ready to head out for Day 1.


We met up with our friend Joe who drove separately.


We waited in long lines to get searched by strangers before we could enter. This was the “line.”



We saw Duran Duran. “Ordinary World”…not a crowd pleaser at a techno show.


We saw Deadmau5 (best show of the 3 days) and I was surprised I knew 90% of his songs. Score one for Paula!


Tommy Lee was there to drum during 2 of Deadmau5’s songs. No matter what Pete says, that was cool.


We watched people get entertained by other people wearing illuminated gloves.


We saw interesting (*cough*creepy*cough*) costumes.



We saw a little bit of Miami.


The hubby hooped.


And got to wear his Warrior Dash hat again.


Dirt got into everything. Including my drinks.


Still drank it. Smile

By the way, everything was $10.  Mixed drink? $10! Slice of pizza? $10! Five pieces of chicken on a stick and called a kabob? $10! Good thing the bottles of water were “only” $5.

We saw a little bit of sky writing. Even though we could read it, it still didn’t make sense. I was not proposed to by Simon LeBon or John Taylor like I thought I would be.


Pete and I got photo bombed by the hubs.


I could film a mini-series with those roots. (Get it?)

A few random pictures of my friends.


Becky telling me what she really thinks and Pete having one of my “boob” 5-hour energy bottles.


Group picture. I like to swirl hair around my face and wear it that way.


If you like festivals like this, I think some of the best advice I got before going was:

  • Bring ear plugs, because the music is LOUD
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be standing. A lot.


No exercise this weekend but I did wear my running skirt.

  • Bring anti-bacterial hand gel
  • Bring travel Kleenex (thank you Becky!)

You’re gonna need that Kleenex cuz you will not find toliet paper here:


Oh, and the bathrooms were just a huge cluster 90% of the time. The festival really needs to revamp this shoddy idea. The first day we stood in line (one that looked like the one to get in but more packed) for probably a good hour.

Well, that was a long weekend. It was fun but I am glad to be home. Sorry about any drunk tweets comparing Miami women to Orlando women but that’s what you get when you mix alcohol, me, and a smartphone.

What’s the last concert you went to?


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