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Spontaneous Happy Hour

Today at work, my friend Jim invited me to meet up with our other friends Rob and Carol at the Mellow Mushroom for a brief happy hour.

Usually these spontaneous happy hours happen on Wednesday and usually I have a personal training appointment, so I can’t make it. This month, my PT is too busy with school to train the hubs and I. Since I’ve also been too busy this month losing muscle and getting fat, I gladly said yes to happy hour.

When I arrived, Carol was already a hummus and a beer in and Jim wanted his picture taken. Bad.

Oh, and Carol only gave her stamp of approval for 80% of this picture.

I didn’t want to feel like a loser without a beer and Mellow Mushroom has lots of awesome imports in bottle and on draft.

So I got a Bud Light.

Then I made Carol pose for another picture with me that she approved of by 85%.

Carol, you can thank me for my mad Paint skillz later.

I’m not a big fan of Mellow Mushroom, but most of my friends swear by their pizza. I have yet to try one that has impressed me. They do have build-your-own salads, which I love. So I ordered one of those. If lettuce is in my mouth continually, I order less beer.

Romaine, cucumber, broccoli, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and BBQ tofu.

The tofu wasn’t grilled enough or firm enough so I really didn’t like it. I mean, I ate it all. It is food after all and there could be someone out there without gross BBQ tofu.

We didn’t stay long, but in that time Jim met his Bruce Campbell soulmate at the bar. How many movies can you name with Bruce Campbell, not including the Evil Dead series? Yeah. This dude named like, seven of them. We weren’t sure if we were going to have to fight him to retain friendship rights with Jim or not. 

It was nice seeing Carol and Rob since I don’t see them too often (Rob is cut off on the left in the light pink shirt). Rob assured me pink is the new black. Plus, Jim can’t get enough of the camera.

I’m home now and it’s time to get a workout in. I really want to work on my strength training for a few months. Plus, I don’t want my PT thinking I got all lazy on the month she couldn’t see me. I’ve already lost muscle and gained body fat since the holidays. Boo.

What kind of workout are you doing tonight? (Lifting the fork to your mouth counts as a workout.)


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