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My Week of Nothing

So about that nothing I’ve been doing all week. I’m starting to impress myself with my capacity for laziness and a lack of will to get anything done. Or at least anything that makes me feel like I’m a useful member of society. So, here’s some of the useless things I’ve done this week. 🙂

1.  Dune is on TV right now, which was filmed in 1984. Patrick Stewart looks the same in this movie as he does right now. So I have been Googling Patrick Stewart pictures and I’ve come to the conclusion that he was born old and partially bald.

2.  Michelle just emailed me (because this is important information) that the daughter on Ringer (Zoey Duetch) is Lea Thompson’s daughter.

I don’t know why this blows my mind and why celebrity news is so important to me, but it is. I tried to tell hubs all about it but he just stares at me silently until I stop talking. So I’m telling you all instead. Also, no matter what anyone says, Howard the Duck is a good movie.

3. I went for my third laser hair removal appointment today. I still haven’t left a tip and now I’m feeling a little guilty about it. But not guilty enough to leave an actual tip. The place got a new laser machine that covers a lot more surface area than the last one, so I only need to be zapped 5 times instead of 10 or more. Also, the new machine was probably made in this century because it hurts 50% less that the last one did.

4.  Hubs was eating puff corn last night and found one that looks like a moustache. He deems that puff corn too cute and funny to eat. So now it’s sitting on our coffee table. At least until the ants carry it away.

5.  I finally finished The Death Cure.

Good lord it took me forever to read that book. While I liked the actual ending, it seemed to take forever to get where it was going. I was disappointed with it compared to the first 2 books, which I couldn’t put down. Has anyone else read The Maze Runner series?

6. I watched the first 7 episodes of season 1 of Mad Men.

I don’t get why everyone is so crazy about this show. I mean, it’s decent and well acted, but there is nothing about it that grabs me and makes me need to see the next episode. Also, I don’t like or identify with any of the characters, except Betty. Especially that twerp Pete. Man, he gets on my nerves and I couldn’t figure out why. Then today, I found out he was Connor on Angel. I KNEW he looked familiar. I think I must have latent residual dislike for him.

7.  I discovered that if you fast forward the Mad Men theme song x1 that it sounds like a pretty good techno song. Please tell me someone else has tried this. The Nip/Tuck theme did the same thing. And now I sound like a total loser.


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