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The Day I Was Glad I Have a Big Butt

Saturday morning started out with a 3:45am wake-up call to meet my group for my first ever 16 mile run. Distance PR in the house! Can I get a Phoebe run?

Garmin stats: 16.02 miles (3 hours)

That time includes all the walk breaks (7:1), all the water stops except one, and the 5 minutes I got completely lost from the group. (Not kidding. A freaking group of 15 runners and I lost them all.)

August 2010 called and wants that joke back.

For this one, I decided to try something different: no sugar. For breakfast I had 1/2 cup plain overnight oats (with cinnamon and 1 packet of Splenda) and a PRP. God bless the PRP.

During the run, I avoided Gatorade at the water stops and ate mini-pretzels as fuel. At Mile 7, I took one Thermotab. I had no tummy issues so maybe the no sugar thing worked? I’ll find out for sure when I try it again on our 18 miler in a few weeks.

During this run, the girls from Lululemon were at one of our main water stops handing out water so we could get through faster and simulate racing a little more closely. They were also giving out FREE running shorts if (and only if) you changed your shorts right there and finished your run in them.

There were only two sizes left when we got there: size 4 and size T-Rex. I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy that I have the largest ass in Marathonfest.

Sweet baby unicorn whispers, those are the most comfortable shorts I’ve ever worn. And the only shorts I have ever worn that do not ride up in the middle. Totally worth the $58 dollars I did not pay.

Overall, this was a really good run and very challenging. I’m wondering if my new group is a little on the fast side for me. I struggled a bit to keep up. I’m trying to decide if I should do the shorter runs (10-12 miles) with my new group and do the longer ones with my (slower) old group. I can’t decide. Sad smile I really like the new group but it’s really hard for me to keep a good pace in the humidity. I feel like I’m breathing water out there.


What’s something I can eat during my runs with NO sugar that isn’t as dry and salty as pretzels? (I had to eat those things with a mouth full of water. Blech.)


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