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The Leftovers

This is the last Vegas post, I swear. I was going through all my pictures and realized that 1) I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked to and 2) I didn’t get to share all the ones I wanted to. So, here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip. After this post, I’ll go back to talking about the important things. Like my poops.

Here’s our hotel on a particularly sunny day. I guess the other days could have been sunny, but I didn’t notice. Or I was just indoors and drunk. Still, I think NY, NY is a cool looking hotel and I’m still bummed I didn’t have time to ride the coaster.

The Eiffel Tower at Paris was huge. It’s crazy that the real one dwarfs the Vegas one in size. Or so I hear. I guess I’ll just have to find out for myself.

I was disappointed that we never ran by the Vegas sign during the half marathon because I really wanted to see it. Turns out I thought it was on the opposite side of the strip. When we were picked up for the Hoover Dam tour, the driver had a half hour to kill before we picked up the next group of people, so he took us to the sign. It’s smaller than I thought it would be. Also, my eyes might be closed.

If you want to make extra money, stand near this sign and charge people $1 to take their picture. There was a girl banking some Washingtons when we got there.

A bubble color-changing Christmas tree outside the Venetian.

These people were creepy-cool and had 2 masks on – one on their face and one on the top of their head, so no matter how they moved it seemed like they were staring at you. We saw them outside the Venetian while waiting for Meghann and Anne to show us their dance moves.

My between meal snack.

Christmas decorations at the Bellagio. The polar bears are made completely out of flowers. So pretty. And crowded.

And that’s the end of Vegas. It was a lot of fun, but I’m glad to be back to normal priced beer and clean indoor air.

Have you been to Vegas? What’s your favorite thing to do there?


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All the Dam Sightseeing

Monday (yes, I’m still talking about Vegas), Hubs and I went on a tour of Hoover Dam. We learned a bunch of cool things like how the force of the water running through the pipes of the dam could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in 7 seconds. And how the pipes are so big they can fit 2 buses in them side-to-side and still have room.

We stood in a room above that pipe and you could feel and hear the vibrations from the water flow.

These are some of the turbines that create electricity for hundreds of thousands of people in 7 different states. They are 7 stories tall each, even though they don’t look that big in the picture. (Check out their size compared to the people walking to the right of them.)

We also learned how the dam was built in 5 years using only math (no help from computers or calculators) and it was finished 2 years ahead of schedule.

The bridge is the newer part of the dam. That took them 8 years to build…with computers.

The dam is also part of the Arizona/Nevada state line.

The states are in different time zones and right now, Nevada is an hour ahead of Arizona. So, hubs decided to go back….to the future!

Besides all the cool fun facts, the dam is massive and it’s construction in 1935 is pretty amazing for its time.

After the tour, we went to see a show. We’ve seen 4 Cirque du Soleil shows and while they’re all really good, they aren’t all that different from one another. So we wanted something different. We decided on the Jabbawockeez at the Monte Carlo.

We’ve seen them on So You Think You Can Dance a few times, so we were pretty sure we’d like the show. They did not disappoint. The show was really fun and funny and definitely worth the price if you’re looking for something other than the 8+ Cirque Du Soleil shows in Vegas.

After the show, there may have been some staying out way too late at Coyote Ugly. There also may have been a really rough morning after 4-hours of sleep. Then there was the 5-hour plane ride that we couldn’t buy food on because they ran out. And then there was the woman we sat next to that we could hear her EVERY breath, who also talked to herself as she widened her eyes like she was super surprised by something.

I’m so springing for first class next time.


Alright, give me your weirdest airplane story in the comments. 🙂 (I had a woman circle her pinky over my food before, back when airplanes had food.)


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How Not to Spend a Day Before a Race

Hubs and I started Saturday off with a very non-Vegas lunch at Wendy’s and then a 2-mile walk (< —- foreshadowing) to the expo at the Venetian to pick up my race packet. Once there, we met up with Michelle and Dan. The expo was crowded and uncomfortable so I didn’t take many pictures, but I did manage to get this sweet piece of photographic history.

And this one.

See the port-o-potty fitting room in the back? Dan dubbed going to the bathroom “going to the fitting room” the rest of the weekend.

We walked around the expo for awhile but it was so crowded, I just wanted to get out of there. So, Michelle and I got our race packets, had our fortunes read, and then left shortly after.

After the expo, we walked around the Venetian for awhile, took a few pictures, and had some gelato.

The four of us parted ways and then hubs and I made the 2-mile walk back to our side of the strip. (< —– foreshadowing)

A bunch of you were asking how I liked New York, New York. I thought it was a fun hotel but the rooms aren’t any different than a typical hotel which was disappointing. I also didn’t love their restaurant selections but overall I’d definitely recommend it.

That night we met up with Michelle and Dan for dinner at Chin Chin (in NY, NY).

Then this happened.

ALL of it. (< —– foreshadowing)

After dinner, we had some time to kill before meeting up with Cely after her Thunder from Down Under naked man show. So, we walked down to Mandalay Bay for a blogger meet-up at Eye Candy. We weren’t planning on going, but then we heard this saucy minx was going to be there and changed our minds. Just when I thought I was going to stand in a corner and look like a total creepy stalker because I didn’t know anyone, I ran into this girl.

Janae couldn’t be any cuter if she tried. I want to put her in my pocket and take her out whenever I need to be cheered up. For real. You can’t not be happy around her. The girl is contagious.

We all hung around for an hour or two and I had a $10 rum and diet coke that made me sad.

There was some dancing. Mostly on Michelle’s part.

Then we headed to Luxor (more walking <—- more foreshadowing) to meet up with Cely and Brandi. Cely doesn’t take paparazzi photos but Brandi was all over it. Probably because she’s so gorgeous that she makes everyone around her look like a troll in comparison.

You should read Brandi’s blog. She’s adorable, funny, and has to “go to the fitting room” a lot during races too. That’s the back of Cely’s head at the Blackjack table behind us, so I guess she did take a picture with me. She told me next time she’d even look at the camera but I’d have to earn it. Winking smile

Oh, I forgot to mention, before we left Eye Candy, we picked up a random girl at the blogger meet up and brought her to Cathouse with us. Hi Anne!

We can’t bring Dan anywhere.

While we were in Cathouse, my feet started killing me from all the walking. So I took my shoes off.

We left the club around 1:00am after ordering enough drinks to make our wrist bands worth it. ( <—– foreshadowing)

By the time we got back to the hotel, I was barely walking because my calves, heels, and pads of my feet were killing me from walking around all day. I had to take my shoes off just to walk back to the room because I just couldn’t take another step without pain.

So here we’ve learned:

  • Just because your cute boots never hurt when you wear them at home does not mean they don’t hurt when you walk 6+ miles in them in Vegas.
  • When your pre-race meal is usually a salad, you should not have a big bowl of lo-mien.
  • A $10 wrist band good for vodka drinks before 1:00am does not mean you should keep ordering them.


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What Happens in Vegas, Goes on My Blog

Why, hello there Vegas. So nice to see you again.

After sitting next to an armrest hogger on the plane (middle seats should always get both armrests because I say so), reading Volume 3 of The Walking Dead graphic novel series, playing Angry Birds for the first time ever, landing and going (willingly) to Starbucks for the first time ever, and almost getting sucked into a timeshare presentation on the shuttle ride to the hotel, we made it safely.

We were starving after our almost 5 hour flight, so hubs and I hit the bar at Gonzalez y Gonzalez in New York, New York and waited for Michelle and Dan to meet us there for dinner.

While waiting, I spotted an interestingly shaped liquor bottle.

And had a few drinks. Patron shot with a lemon instead of a lime.

Once Michelle and Dan arrived, we sat down to eat. I ordered a gigantic burrito. It may have been called that on the menu.

I was sure I could never finish something that big until I did. (TWSS?) I ate the ENTIRE thing. Then I was tempted to ride the coaster at NY NY just so I could get rid of it.

After dinner, we all went bar hopping for a bit. Dollar Miller Lights and $2 Bud Lights at Casino Royale. I’ll take it! (Thanks for the tip, Victoria.)

Then we headed over to Lavo at The Venetian. (That’s a long ass walk from NY NY by the way.)

We met up with Meghann and Anne for some dancing and drinks. They looked super cute in their dresses and made me and Michelle look like Shrek in our jeans.

Stolen from Meghann.

Lavo had 2 drinks for the bargain price of $25. Thanks for bending me over, Vegas. Despite me complaining about prices like an old man and only being awake because of a can of Sugar Free Red Bull, I had a great time.

I hope Meghann’s sweet photo bomb isn’t cut off there, because it is when I preview the post but not when I look at the uploaded graphic.

Dan and I even managed to get another picture in the Dan/Paula Archives of Awesome.

Stolen from Michelle.

One things for certain, I am not hydrated for this race tomorrow.


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Flashback Friday: The Wedding

This starts a new segment on the blog. I see a few other blogs have a Flashback Friday with their own spin on it, so this is mine. LET IT BE LAW.


After 7 years of dating, the hubs and I got engaged. Before we started wedding planning, I suggested we go to Las Vegas, but the hubs shot down that idea because his family is on the traditional side. I’ll admit, I was bummed. A destination wedding sounded awesome, but this relationship thing is a two-way street, so I started doing research in the Orlando area. And by research, I mean I just asked all my friends where they got married. Shortly after grilling all my friends, we found the Maitland Art Center.

I loved it!

Meet the chapel.

I really liked the idea of my future wedding pictures in that chapel. I pictured it decorated with lots of white flowers. It just has this old school feel to it like monks in long, brown robes should be walking around with their heads bowed. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.

I booked the chapel at the Art Center for the wedding and booked the Winter’s Park Farmer’s Market for the reception. The Farmer’s Market is indoors, unlike the Art Center, to account for unpredictable Florida weather. Also, if I broke a sweat in my wedding dress, I would flip out.

The Farmer’s Market used to be an old train station, so the inside is really charming.  Shortly after we booked the wedding and reception, we booked the caterer, photographer, and the cupcake tower wedding cake.

I tried to keep the wedding as affordable as possible because hubs and I were splitting the bill. I often reminded him of what he owed and would ask his opinion on different things (even though he pretty much left the planning to me) because it was his money too.

Seven months before our wedding and after $2000 in deposits, hubs realized that the portion he owed for the wedding was indeed his portion and not the total for the whole wedding.

Meet Las Vegas. Open-mouthed smile

Hubs decided Vegas didn’t sound so bad after all. (Insert I told you so here.) First, I threw something heavy at him. Then, I was annoyed because I had already done so much work, but then realized I was getting my way so that annoyance didn’t last long. I canceled everything I had booked, did a bunch of research on Las Vegas wedding packages, and ended up booking our wedding at Mandalay Bay. We got all but $300 back from our deposits (whew!) and ended up saving 6k by going to Vegas.

Before the wedding, the bestie and I had our hair done at the salon in the hotel. I don’t recommend wearing a tight-necked t-shirt when you’re getting your hair done unless your wearing that same tight-necked t-shirt for your wedding (lesson learned).

Hubs and I got married in the outdoor area of Mandalay Bay called Valley of the Falls instead of the chapel. It was an extra cost, but totally worth it. We also saved money by getting married on a Monday instead of the weekend.

Over 20 of our friends flew out for our wedding which blew my mind. You mention Vegas to people and they go crazy. I’m sure half of them still don’t know they were there for a wedding. Everyone started buying plane tickets like they were going to meet Cher and Celine Dion personally.

Our guests had to wait an hour for the ceremony to start because the minister that was supposed to marry us was in a car accident on the way to the wedding.

I decided not to take that as a sign and had a beer with my brother and best friend in the lobby while we waited. 🙂 When another minister finally showed up, the wedding was on and my brother walked me down the aisle.

No, we didn’t get married by Elvis (our most asked question). But I’m pretty sure Roy Orbison lives and now plays the violin at weddings.

My best friend was my Maid of Honor and the only person in our wedding party.

The little dude that married us sounded like an evangelist. I’m surprised he didn’t slap our foreheads at the end. The falls were so loud, he had to use a microphone so our guests could hear, which just amplified his corniness.

The photographer who took our pictures was awful (he was part of the wedding package we booked). We took over 200 pictures with him and we liked 15 of them. All our other pictures came from our friends.

He did manage to take a few good ones. This was our favorite.

Now it’s a little over 2 years later and I don’t think I would have changed anything. The ceremony was short, we had dinner at Rumjungle in Mandalay Bay afterwards, and then danced at Cathouse in the Luxor most of the night. I had so much fun and it was much more relaxed than your typical ceremony and reception.

If you’re married, where did you get married?

If you’re not married, would you get married in Vegas? 🙂


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