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Cruising Around Lake Tahoe

This weekend, Hubs and I went to Reno for our friends’ wedding. We got in late Friday night, so we went right to bed. Well, right to bed after we found out the hotel does not sell beer in their convenience shop. That was probably for the best since this happened on our layover in Salt Lake City.

That’s a peanut butter bucket from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. And it’s as big and delicious as it looks. You guys are supposed to be looking out for me. I tweeted that picture and no one talked me down. Not even this girl who is supposed to be looking out for me. Rude. Just rude. I thought I was safe from said peanut butter buckets on the East coast until a friend of mine let me know there is a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory 15 minutes from my house. FML.

Anyway, back to Reno. The next day we met our friends, Morgan and Don, (remember, we went to Burning Man with them?) and their family for a lunch cruise around Lake Tahoe. The drive from Reno is about an hour and a half long, so we hitched a ride with Morgan’s friend Nicole who was pretty amazing considering she picked us up and had never met us before. (Thanks, Nicole!) The views on the way there did not suck.

There were snow covered trees almost the whole way. Sweeping lake and mountain views when the trees cleared. It was just beautiful. Why must Nevada suck up all the pretty? It’s not fair. It also snowed on the way up. I suppose I don’t need to remind you that it’s May. This Florida girl knows nothing about snow in May.

We finally crossed the California border and made it to Tahoe. You don’t even need a sign to tell you that you’re in California or Nevada. It’s pretty obvious when the casinos start and stop. The rest of the group arrived, we bought our tickets, and we boarded the  Tahoe Gal.

I found a new friend almost immediately.

Had a few drinks.

But the captain rejected my advances.

The cruise was 3 1/2 hours long. We all ate lunch, had a few drinks, chatted, and enjoyed the view. It was beautiful and relaxing and fun to meet more of Morgan and Don’s family. It was really cold and windy too, so I got to wear the one long sleeved shirt and jacket I own. I didn’t even pack the proper shoes and ended up wearing a pair of hub’s Vans all day long. I swear I am an idiot when it comes to dressing for cold weather.

The happy couple the day before they got married.

After the cruise and the ride back to Reno, we were beat. It’s really exhausting enjoying mountain views and cocktails all day long. I don’t know how we survived it.

Later that night, we met up at Morgan and Don’s house for their catered rehersal dinner. I helped them drink their whiskey and eat the cupcakes that no one else was eating, so I feel like I was at least helpful in “cleaning up.”

Next up is the most non-traditional traditional wedding I have ever been to. But I guess I didn’t expect any different from those two crazies. 🙂


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