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By the Numbers

So, we’re back to my OCD numbering today.

1.  Last week was so hectic that by the time Friday rolled around (my day off), everything around the house was so neglected that the whole day was spent doing chores and errands. Hubs was still working well into Saturday night (promoting his game) when he decided that he needed a break. So even though neither of us were really in the mood to do anything, we went out because it usually lifts our spirits. Or maybe that’s the alcohol?

I even dressed up a little.


That is my new dress I love that I got on clearance. It’s a size too small but if I stop breathing long enough, I can zip it.

Anyway, the place we went to had a Cirque theme, so they had face painters there. A bunch of guys at the bar were getting curly-que mustaches and uni-brows painted on, which was hilarious. One guy was trying to convince me that I needed a uni-brow. I assured him, I was not ready for that in my life just yet. Later, I spilled my beer all over myself, the bar, and under the cash register. Then the guy came over to me and whispered, “I think you’re ready.”

2.  Why can’t iPhones take non-grainy pictures at night when the flash is right up in your face?


3.  My iPhone and I broke up shortly after that picture. I returned it for the Droid Razr. The phones are the same price, but when the guy rang it up, I got a $100 discount for upgrading to 4G. (??) So I ended up saving $70 even after paying the $35 re-packaging fee. Sorry, iPhone. We were not meant to be. Maybe in a couple years our paths will cross again when you stop sucking.

I did love my iPhone cover and now I can’t use it. I’m attempting to fill that void with the 2 new ones I ordered for the Razr. I’m using the obnoxious one on the right first.

4.  I finished Season 1 of Breaking Bad. Someone should have warned me there were only 7 episodes. Now I’m totally unprepared for Season 2. I wanted to have it already delivered from Netflix but I still haven’t watched In Time sitting on my coffee table. And after loving Friends with Benefits, I need more JT in my life.


I regret that picture makes me laugh.

5.  I cancelled Showtime finally. I was keeping it because I was trying to get into House of Lies but it just wasn’t happening. Four episodes piled up on the DVR and I didn’t feel like watching them, so I just decided to cancel. Then, this weekend hubs and I had nothing to watch so we watched the old episodes on the DVR. Annnnd…WE LOVED IT. It got so much better. The stuff I hated was really toned done and the story got so good. Now I have no Showtime to see the last 2 episodes. EFF.  I need to find those last 2 episodes somewhere. I’m dying over here.

I swear I’ll never leave you again, KB.




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