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The Post Where I Stab My Shoes

So, remember that time I got my gait analyzed and bought those awesome new stability shoes with inserts and told you about it and you all thought I had man-legs? Well, about those shoes…

All my runs in those shoes have not been good. I did another speed run (mile repeats) on Monday and it was going so well for the first 3 miles until my shoes decided to take a big poop on me.



.30 Walk (warm up)
.50 10:00
1-2 8:49
.20 Walk (water break)
.50 8:34
.50 Dying
.50 8:34
.20 More dying
1 8:34  Still dying
.30 Walk (cool down)

Total miles: 5 running, 1.2 walking

Yeah, you noticed two consecutive miles at 8:49 too, eh? That’s how good I was feeling at that pace. And the only reason I walked after the second mile is because I needed water. It all went downhill from there. I had to walk not because I was tired, but because my calves were killing me again. That last faster mile is only because I’m stubborn and stupid and refused to leave the gym without doing a full mile at that pace without walking. (Do not do as I do.)

And then I limped off the treadmill.

My calves cannot handle those shoes.

I called the store where I bought them and talked to one of the girls. She told me that the inserts could definitely be causing the calf pain and that she would recommend breaking in the shoes and inserts slowly over 3 months.

When I bought the shoes, the girl helping me said to do a couple short runs to test them out and if everything felt ok, I would be fine to run Miami in them, which was 2 weeks later. So I did. And during the race, my calves were stiff, I was hyper-aware that the shoes were on my feet the whole time, and I ran one of my slowest races.

The girl on the phone told me to come back in with the shoes so they can reanalyze my gait, so I’m going to do that this weekend. I’m hoping to return them for another pair but I’ll see what they have to say.

Has anyone else had to break in stability shoes over time? I know this little birdy has and it worked itself out over time. But I don’t have time. I have 3 races in March.




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