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Temporary Texas Runner Girl

Let’s talk about the weather in Texas. I’ve had a few days to size up Killeen and I’ve noticed that the weather only sucks from about 11am – 5pm. You’d think I’ve never been in extreme heat before because every time I step outside during those hours, I say something really obvious and d-baggy.


I can’t help it. The words just come out and I can’t stop them. The rest of the time, the weather is actually bearable. There’s a pretty good breeze everyday, which would actually be helpful if the breeze didn’t feel like a hair dryer in your face. But it’s better than no breeze. And yesterday it rained and probably cooled off by 20 degrees for 2 glorious hours.

Since I made this great weather discovery, I decided to go running outside on Tuesday. I started around 8pm (outside the core hours of suck) and the sun was mostly down. I wanted to find a neighborhood to run in but the front desk girl literally said, “I wouldn’t do that.” And then I was all…

So, I was limited to the extremely picturesque .42 mile circle around my hotel, the Holiday Inn next door, and the sewer ditch they share. I made it 2 miles. TWO miles. Then I thought I was going to die and decided the treadmill at the hotel gym wasn’t so bad after all. So I went inside and finished 2 more miles in my security blanket, also know as the air conditioning.

Yesterday, I stayed in my hotel room and did the “Federal Prison Workout” which basically consists of a ton of walk-outs and makes your whole body hurt. Then I was looking through some of the old workouts I’ve posted and decided to pick one for tomorrow’s Hotel Room Workout. I’ll be doing this one after running a couple miles.

I don’t have a jump rope with me, so I’ll just fake it or do jumping jacks instead.

In super exciting news, I am totally honored to be chosen as one of Women’s Running Magazine’s Bloggers on the Run. *claps for myself in excitement!*

The only thing I can think of that’s better than being a Blogger on the Run is being Oreo’s Consumer of the Year. (Still waiting for them to contact me.) So, go here to check out my article. 🙂

Women’s Running Magazine also wants to give one of my readers a chance to win a free year’s subscription. All you have to do is leave a comment on that article and you are automatically entered to win. What do you have to lose?


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