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Low Key Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving started with a workout with our personal trainer, Linda. She opted for cardio since we all have no self-control when faced with large quantities of food. So, we did 5 rounds of:

  • 1/2 mile run
  • 1 minute boxing
  • 1 minute side step-ups on an 18 inch step (20 reps each leg)
  • 1 minute jump rope

Try to do 40 side step-ups in 1 minute. It’s challenging. I think toward the end, I only had 5 seconds to spare in each minute.

For anyone new reading, this is Linda.

That is also when my hair didn’t suck.

After the workout, we got ready to go to the in-laws for dinner and I cannot confirm or deny that I ate a piece of pizza before heading over there. Dinner was at 2:00 pm, so I’m not sure why anyone calls that dinner. But ok. Dinner it is.

Dinner was just the four of us – me, hubs, the FIL, and the MIL. I took about 3 pictures total, so here’s one with the four of us from three years ago at my SIL’s wedding.

By the way, none of us planned the red, black, and white theme and we didn’t even notice until after we took the picture. Also, everyone is in heels or on a step (my MIL) except me and my FIL’s cousin’s husband. If you see tall people in the family, it’s because they married one of us.

The MIL made turkey, ham (for me because I’m not much of a turkey fan), green bean casserole, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole. There were also sliced cranberries, but every year I like to pretend those don’t exist because they are the devil.

My plate looked like this. Times three.

I guess it was times four if you count that the sweet potato casserole gets a plate of its own. I can’t have other food tainting the beauty that is sweet potato casserole. My MIL also cooks carrots just for me (I loooove cooked carrots) and I ate 6 of them. SIX full carrots. That just seems unnecessary.

Everything my MIL made was almost too delicious and better tasting than last year. We mentioned how good everything was and she couldn’t even remember what she did differently.

After dinner, we rolled over to the couch, collectively unbuttoned our pants, and watched Hanna.

I had never even heard of this movie but it was really good.

After the movie, hubs and I headed home, took a nap, woke up, and then ate some more. After we completely defiled our bodies with leftovers, we defiled our livers with some margaritas. Then we defiled our eyes by watching Paul.

I had heard Paul was good. And we both thought it was just ok. It was about as funny as Hot Fuzz, which was barely funny. Now that I think about it, Jim told me Paul was good and he has an unnatural man-crush on Simon Pegg, so maybe I should have taken that into account.  You will never recapture the magic of Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! You hear me!?

We also watched the Ice Age Christmas special, which was super cute. We’re gonna have to buy that one. 🙂


Today, I plan on avoiding every store. I don’t get the Black Friday thing at all. I would rather pay full price for something than have to deal with all the assholes out there.

If you’re into the Black Friday thing, good luck to you. Also, tell me what awesome deals you got so I can live through you.


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