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2.75 Miles Short of a Long Run

Tonight was my tempo run, but for some reason I went to the gym thinking that if I felt good enough, I could just do my long run. Then I wouldn’t have the thought of getting it done weighing on my mind all weekend. Since my running group doesn’t meet this weekend, it’s inevitable that I will be worrying about when I can get it done until it is actually done. I guess I’m just a worrier.

(If just one of you gets that, then I’m a happy girl.)

Once I got on the treadmill, I was feeling pretty good. It’s amazing what a Vampire Diaries rerun, air conditioning, and eating 3 cookies, and Ice Dream, and a cauldron of Haribo Raspberries can do for a run. Here’s what it looked like:

Mile Pace Incline
0.30 Walking warm up .5
1 10:00 .5
2 10:00/9:49 split .5
3 9:49 .5
Pooping Moderate 0
4 9:49 .5
5 9:41 .5
6 9:31 .5
7 9:23/9:14 split .5

Total miles: 7.25

If it wasn’t for my “break” after mile 3, I would have finished those last couple miles and known why Elena didn’t turn into a vampire after all.

But it was getting so late and I didn’t want to be at the gym until 10:30. So, I guess I’ll have to try again this weekend which I was hoping to avoid.

By the way, I’m extending my streak of terrible movies. Hubs was actually willing to finish Rango when I reminded him of all your blog comments. So we put in another movie that was borrowed from a friend.

After 45 minutes of this movie, we turned it off and wished we had finished Rango. I also wish I had 4 hands so I could give it more thumbs down.


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