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Decision Made

I had a decision to make today.

The blood mobile comes to my work every 4 months or so. I usually give blood, not because I’m a nice person, but because I like the free cholesterol tests. I’m going to hell. I know this and I have accepted it. Also, giving blood makes you lose a pound and I’m sure I’m burning some extra calories because my body has to replace that blood. This is all very technical stuff I’m telling you.

I thought about it for about 10 seconds. In that 10 seconds, I could only think of positive reasons: I get away from work for 30 minutes, I’m losing a pound, I can raid their snacks, and if my theory is correct, I’ll need less beer tonight (which in turn saves calories). Oh right, the whole saving lives thing too.

Plus, that beer makes me like 80% more fun to be around. So really, I would be giving blood for the hubs and my bestie who will be hanging out with me all night. (You guys can thank me later.)

Decision made.

I even got a free t-shirt! I never get anything for giving blood except weekly annoying phone calls that ask me to give more. I don’t even take the big cookies they offer because of this formula:

400 calorie big ass cookies + Paula = next day pit of despair.

I’ve tested this formula. It works every time.

I don’t think I really have a point here except to say, I gave blood, I’m a terrible person, and…

Do you give blood?


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