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Too Much Eating, Not Enough Exercising

So, last night there was a lot of this:

And then there was some of this:

And then when I got home, there was a lot of this:

And then today there was some of this:

Wow. That definitely looks better in person. That almost looks like something I left behind at the Sarasota Half Marathon. Thank me later for that visual.

And then there was a trip to Sam’s where I had to avoid this:

It’s a scientific fact that cupcakes with Hello Kitties taste better than cupcakes without Hello Kitties.

And now I’m seriously feeling guilty and  really need to do a lot of this:

How do you bounce back from a few days of eating and drinking way too much and knowing you need to exercise, but you just ate a huge piece of peanut butter ice cream cake and are too full to do it?


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