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The Super Fantastic Wonderful Awesome Run

I’m either getting faster or I just felt really good Tuesday night, because my run was super fantastic wonderful awesome. Quite honestly, it made me want to frolic in a field with a horse.

I wanted to run longer, but I needed to get home to do some pre-cruise stuff. Like give Royal Caribbean all my money and rock back and forth while crying in a cold shower. 

This was my run:

Total miles: 4.55 (running), approx .50 miles walking

Mile Pace Incline
400   Walking warm up .5
800  (1/2 mile) 9:13 .5
600 8:57 .5
400  (1/4 mile) 8:57 .5
Repeat x3    

I took a walking break after the second set for some water.

I’m wondering if I’m getting faster or if I just happened to feel better than usual. I guess I’ll find out next week because I’m going to increase my pace a bit and see how it goes. Also, I’m not even sure that faster treadmill paces translate to outside running, but I guess I’ll find out.

This morning I was supposed to get up and do a tempo run. That didn’t happen after I stayed up till midnight watching more episodes of Game of Thrones. (You all are right, it’s getting better!) It bothers me a little bit that my girl Lena Headley is blonde AND a bitch. Say it ain’t so, Lena.

So, I’ll be doing my tempo run tonight. Then I’ll be running to the store to pick up a few items, pack my bags, and get my butt in bed for a 4:30 wake-up call so I can do my long run in the morning. I shifted it to tomorrow morning since I won’t be able to run with my group on Saturday. And I’ll be all by myself. 😦

Speaking of TV, hubs sent me this today and it had me dying.

It’s back September 15! If you don’t watch it, you must. It’s hilarious.  And please tell me someone else but me is still focused on those cat booties.

What are you watching right now? (Mostly True Blood and Entourage for me until the fall shows start up again.)

P.S. I should have a post tomorrow if I have time to finish it. If not, I will be back on Monday hopefully with some fun cruise pictures. 🙂


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