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Playlists and Fuel

First up: Playlists

I love music. But I have a love/hate relationship with it during races. If the race is really tough, I want to punch music in the face. Right.in.the.face.

I would say that I’ve turned off my music at some point during 5 out of the 6 half marathons I’ve ran because the run was so hard that the music got annoying. If I’m feeling good though, music gives me crazy energy so I don’t go without it unless I’m running at night.

For a couple of my races, DJ Jazzy Hubs has put together a surprise playlist for me and adds it to my playlist, so I don’t know half the songs I’m listening to – which makes the music more fun.  Here’s my playlist from yesterday’s Melbourne Half Marathon.

My playlist of songs:


Not the best idea to add a Linkin Park song with the lyrics, “You can’t run the race, the pace is too fast, you just won’t last.”

The list Hub-Diddy added while I was sleeping:


That song Popular by The Veronicas = awesome


Next up: Fuel

I cannot get my fuel right during a run.

When I first started running long distance, I couldn’t go more than 8-10 miles without having to run to the bathroom. My first half marathon was the worst. I tried Gu for the first time and got cripplingly ill. Then I tried Shot Blocks, and then peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…

I’m just one of those people that does not like eating while I’m running, but I know I have to. I can run a race without fuel, but everything starts to suck around mile 10 if I do.

For the race yesterday, I ate two 90-calorie packages of these at mile 5 and 8:

Welch's 5oz B&C 2010

These are small enough that I can chew a couple at a time and still run, unlike Shot Blocks. (Gummies the size of your head while you’re running = bad idea jeans.) But I think I need to stay away from artificial sugar when I’m active. Even after eating these, I could feel that little somethin-somethin in my belly that says,


*make sure you say that with a thundering Thor voice*

So, in the name of natural sugar,  I’m thinking of trying bananas for my next run. And I don’t even like bananas, but they’re mushy and I won’t really need to chew much.

Do any of you eat bananas during races? What’s your fuel of choice? (I don’t have one yet.) Have you ever had major stomach issues when running before? Gimme the poopy details in the comments!


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