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Friends with Benefits

Hubs has been super busy with work lately. He’s literally been putting in 70 hour weeks for two months now. So, our quality time has turned into TV time for me. Ok, our quality time is TV time normally, but I have to find new (to me) things to watch that he’s not interested in so we can still watch our shows together.

Last week, I watched season 1 of Friends with Benefits, not to be confused with the JT and Mila Kunis movie of the same name (which was also awesome).

Have you heard of this show? Netflix recommended it to me and once I saw that Ryan Hansen was in it (a.k.a. Dick on Veronica Mars), I had to put it in my queue. I will watch anything with actors from Veronica Mars, except Piz. He ruins fictional relationships, therefore I hate him. Speaking of that show, where has Wallace been? I had to put his Orbit gum commercial on loop just to see him again.

Anyway, I watched the whole series in two days. It was really cute and funny. There are only 13 episodes (sniff-sniff) and I don’t remember the show being on TV in the first place, but I’m sad it was cancelled. It also gave me a whole new appreciation for Ryan Hansen. Meow.

It also stars Danneel Harris, who is my arch nemesis. I refuse to acknowledge her married name, Danneel Ackles, because she is presently married to my future husband, Jensen Ackles.

He’s on the list. That makes it official.

I hate to admit how much I liked her in this show. She’s super cute. Not only does she get to be married to my husband in real life, but her career includes getting paid to make out with Ryan Hansen and Mr. Awesome from Chuck, (< — you should click that link and thank me later) who guest starred on an episode. We get it, Danneel. Even though your super cute and funny show was cancelled, you still win.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get my husband to dress like me. So she wins at that too.

She also wins at looking adorable and rocking orange purses. I’m sad the guy in the sweet spider web pants on the right just doesn’t care.


My point here is that you should check out the show. I kinda loved it.

So what else is out there that I should watch? (I really want to see The Wire because everyone raves about it, but it’s not on Netflix streaming. Boo.)





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