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Girl’s Night Out

Saturday morning started out with a 10 mile run with my running group. The run was harder than I expected it to be. After doing 16 miles last weekend and not working out at all the three days prior, I thought this one would be a breeze.

Nope. It sucked. Thank goodness Michelle ran with us this time because the entire running group was ahead of me again. I just can’t keep up with them and it’s really bumming me out. Sad smile

There was one good thing that came out of this run. Or maybe I should say it didn’t come out…

I did the no sugar thing again and my stomach was great the whole time. Yay for no pooping! We finished the run in 1 hour and 43 minutes (a 10:20 pace). Not bad since that time included all the walking breaks.

After the run, I finally finished this book.

I thought there were several areas in the book that weren’t descriptive enough for me to visualize exactly what was happening, but besides that, I loved it.

Divergent is a young adult book that is very similar in genre to The Hunger Games. It’s the author’s first book (She’s 22. Feel free to hate her now.) and it’s the first in a series. I highly recommend it, but be warned that if you read this one, the next one won’t be out for a year. (You can check out the book summary at the author’s blog if you’re interested.)

Saturday night, I met up with Michelle, Jackie, Kate, and Kate’s sister-in-law, Kelley, at Frank and Steins – a new pub and eatery in downtown Orlando.

We arrived around 8:00 pm and grabbed the last table available.

Frank and Steins has a beer menu as big as most restaurants’ regular menus.

The food menu looked like a newspaper article, which I thought was super cute.

The pub had all sorts of board games you could play – we noticed other tables playing Hungry Hungry Hippo, Jenga, Operation, and Connect Four. There was even Ski Ball.

There were over 300 beers to choose from and I started off with the most girly beer I could find. My beer taste doesn’t go too far past the “Bud Light meter.”

That is until Michelle ordered a Kasteel Rouge Cherry beer that was so good I had to get one myself.

We took lots of pictures.

Michelle asked everyone to pull her finger.

And we witnessed a near bar fight.

(The balding guy in the middle put his beer down on an occupied table and the girl that was sitting at the table slammed it. hahaha. GOD I love Orlando.)

By the time we were ready to leave, the place was packed. We gave up our table to the hovering vulchers and walked over to Ember.

More drinks were consumed.

Gang signs were thrown up.

I think Michelle sang a Miley Cyrus song to us. And then at some point, we made it home.


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