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I'm Breaking Up with Sunflower Butter

I have a problem with peanut butter. The problem is I eat too much of it. I know peanut butter is good for you, but not in the mass quantities I eat it in. I can add peanut butter to anything – bananas, oatmeal, toast, sandwiches, bagels, waffles, Saltine crackers, brownies, pretzels, on top of other scoops of peanut butter, in dirty socks, on shards of glass.

You get the idea.

Anyway, I recognized the problem and identified the solution: don’t buy peanut butter. Duh. Well, that won’t happen. There are two of us in the house that eat peanut butter, so it’s not fair to the hubs if he wants it.

I went with the second most sensible option: find a peanut butter substitute that I don’t like as well so I won’t overeat. Enter sunflower butter.

Well, I’m finding out this was a bad idea. I like sunflower butter better than peanut butter. A lot better. Bought this one a couple days ago.

I don’t even need something to put sunflower butter on. My finger works. Or my upper lip. You know, for later.

God, please don't let some perv find this online and say it's poop.

Oh, and I took that picture while in a tele-conference at work. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

So now I need to stop buying sunflower butter.


 It’s getting ridiculous.

 Sunflower butter, I’m breaking up with you.

What food do you need to keep out of the house?


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Food Fail

As some of you may know, I started back on Weight Watchers 11 days ago and I’ve been doing really well. That is, until today. Have you ever eaten so healthy for so long (in this case, 11 days is “so long”) that you just completely fall off the wagon? That just happened to me.

Thursday (today) is my weigh-in day. Even though I have actually lost .2 ounces since my last weigh in, I was still 2 pounds heavier today than I was yesterday. Yes, weight loss is a journey. Yes, I ate well yesterday. Yes, I’m sure it’s just water weight. Or a fluke. Or maybe I need to take the World’s greatest poo. (Actually, I definitely do. You’re welcome.)  And no, I don’t think I’m fat. But those 2 lbs, no matter how temporary, make me feel like I’ve failed. Couple that with the fact that I’ve been eating healthy and working out for 11 days, and something’s gonna give.

That’s when…

Peeps, mini-Cadbury eggs, and M&Ms at Breakfast happened:


Cheeseburger sliders and fries at Lunch happened:


Leftover donuts in the kitchen after Lunch happened:

You can’t make a heart-shaped donut, fill it with Bavarian Creme, frost it in cute reds and pinks and not expect me to take it. Now I understand why they are taking toys out of Happy Meals. Because of suckers like me.

We do look cute together…

I can’t say I’m feeling good about any of this. I’ll feel even worse at home tonight. I usually try to make up for bad eating habits by overloading on exercise. Or not eating anything for dinner. Or sulking on the couch. Or eating even more.

This is just one day. Not a big deal. Tomorrow will be better. But it still sucks.

What motivates you to eat well again after you’ve fallen off the wagon?

(P.S. If you want to read a heart-felt post on emotional eating, check out Aarika’s blog. She’s crazy adorable and is looking for some motivation too.)


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Food Confessions

Workout: Ran 2.1 miles on the treadmill, walked .9 miles

That’s day three of waking up in the morning and working out. This waking up thing really sucks and I considered going back to bed. I didn’t want to feel like a loser so early in the morning (usually I reserve that for the afternoon), so I forced myself on the treadmill (in a completely platonic way).

I’d do more than 2 miles, but honestly, I don’t want to wake up earlier. It takes all I have to get up 30 minutes early right now.

Three days down, two to go.

Even though it’s only three days, I’m noticing a lot of changes:

  • I have way more energy all day.
  • I’m in a MUCH better mood.
  • I’m eating a healthier breakfast than normal. Usually I’m not hungry right after a workout, so I’ve been drinking a protein shake every morning instead of eating a PB&J English muffin and cheesecake. (I wish I was kidding about the cheesecake.)
  • I don’t eat as many sweets throughout the day.

You’d think with all these benefits, I’ll keep doing it. But I probably won’t. I’ll revert to bad habits, but for now I’m enjoying the benefits.

With all these GOOD things happening, it’s making me remember all the bad things I used to do. Or maybe I still do them. But unless you stalk me in person, you’ll never know.

So with that, I give you…my food confessions!

  • When I was in middle school, my mom always had cream cheese frosting in the house. So, when she wasn’t looking, I would lick 2 huge spoonfuls like a lollipop. She would notice the frosting was missing. I would pretend I didn’t know what she was talking about. Eventually she noticed I never touched the chocolate frosting, so she got wise and only bought chocolate so I wouldn’t eat it all.

  • I eat cheesecake backwards. Graham cracker crust? Umm…best part! My hubs hates this because by the time he gets to it, the crust is gone. That’s what he gets for eating cheesecake like a normal human. Sucker.
  • Food that I need to stop eating to avoid eating every other sweet in the house? Graham crackers. In particular, Goldfish Grahams or graham crackers with cream cheese frosting on them. (I’m seeing a pattern here.)
  • I just bought a box of graham crackers (that I didn’t even want) because they were shaped like bunnies. < —- 12 years old

  • You know how they say if you have one indulgent meal that you should just get “back on the wagon” for the next meal? Well, I can’t do that. Once I’ve eaten crap for one meal, the rest of the day is shot and I will eat anything put in front of me. Well, not poo.

By the way, I completely blame my mom for my love of frosting. She told me that when I was a baby, I wouldn’t take a pacifier. So, she would put lemon frosting on it and I would suck on it for hours.

I’m pretty sure she doomed me from the start.

What’s YOUR food confession?


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