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My First Full Marathon

Well, I did it. Today I registered for my first (and possibly only) full marathon – the Savannah Rock n Roll.  


Yeah, baby. I’m actually feeling a little woozy thinking about it. And I might have to poop a little. As Anthony Michael Hall once said in Weird Science, “I’ll see ya in the emergency room.” 

I also registered for the Gasparilla Half Marathon next month. I’ve been putting this one off but it’s been on my radar for awhile now. Only $60 – that’s a cheap race!


This one is sponsored by Publix, and they seem to put on a good race. The Women’s Magazine Half that I ran in November was sponsored by them too. Lots of goodies afterwards. And by lots of goodies, I mean there were cookies.

I’m also about THISCLOSE to registering for the San Diego Rock n Roll half in June. But really, that race is just an excuse to get to see my family more often.


So, how many of you have already run full marathons? Go ahead and tell me how your first one was a breeze and you loved every minute of it and that I have nothing to worry about.


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