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Careful What You Ask For

Workout: Ran on treadmill 5.1 miles (approx. 53 min), walked 1 mile

That run happened this morning, I’m proud to say. I got my ass up at 5:15am to get that little workout in. Probably a good thing since I stuffed myself with pizza and beer last night during a Mellow Mushroom happy hour. I didn’t take any pictures at the happy hour, but I did leave my camera at the table.

Never do that by the way. You’ll get the camera back with pics like this:

That’s Jim. He hates when pictures are taken of him. Probably not as much as me posting them without his knowledge. You’re welcome, Jim.

Remember all that stuff I was complaining about yesterday? Let’s just say karma bit me in the ass with most of them.

I said I was tired of only getting 6 hours of sleep at night. So, I took a nap when I got home from happy hour and then woke up every half hour all night long when I finally did go to bed.

I said I was tired of eating healthy and gaining weight. The pizza took care of both of those this morning.

That’s not the pizza I ate, but I did make it myself and wanted to prove I was at least mildly domestic. The pizza I did have was just “eh.” I gave Mellow Mushroom another try – still didn’t impress me. I’ll stick to their salads.

Oh, and another one of my complaints worked itself out directly after my run this morning. But I’ll let you just guess which one that was.

No. I was.


I signed up for my first 15k yesterday:

 The race takes place on 9/24 in Orlando. This race should be a piece of cake since it’s toward the end of my marathon training. Anyone else doing this one? Michelle – did you sign up yet? 


It’s time for me to get to work. I’m leaving early today to get this sweet face burned off again with another chemical peel.


What are you doing this weekend? (I wanna see Bridesmaids in a major way. I’m willing to scare small children with my red, peeling face to do it.)


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