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American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: I am Anne Frank, Pt. 1)

It’s time to recap season 2, episode 4.

No present time shenanigans this week. We start back in 1964 when Sister Jude is checking up on the new patient at the asylum when she hears that she’s been acting up. Her name is Anne Frank. Yes…the Anne Frank. She’s grown up now.

Franka Potente plays Anne Frank and she’s all kinds of awesome wrapped in bacon and dipped in ranch. If you haven’t seen Run Lola Run. Do eet.

Ok where was I? Yes. The recap.

The creepy doctor still has the now leg-less Shelly and he’s doing all sorts of experiments on her, including sticking needles in her eye.

Kit meets with Dr. Thredson for a therapy session. He starts doubting his innocence when Dr. Thredson lays out a possible scenario to his crimes. The doctor almost has him convinced that he killed all those women and his wife even though he doesn’t remember it. If everyone thinks he’s a killer, maybe he really is?

Kit and Grace are starting to get closer. First we focus on Grace’s back story. She tells Kit (while he’s kneading some dough in the kitchen) about how she didn’t kill her family and was framed. Kit tells her that he’s afraid he might be a killer. She tells him she doesn’t care what he is.

Then they had sex next to the dough.

Then one of the guards catches them in action and Kit and Grace were all…

Now they are locked up in solitary confinement until they have sterilization surgery as punishment.

Later on while they are locked up, Grace confesses that she lied. She did kill her father for abusing her and then killed her step mom because she stood by idly. Her pants are on fire, because she’s a liar liar.

Meanwhile, Lana hallucinates that she is out of the asylum, showered, lookin’ fine, and wins a journalism award. That’s enough motivation for her to accept Dr. Thredson’s aversion/conversion therapy offer in an attempt to get her “better” so she can be released from the asylum.

Aversion therapy involves pumping morphine into her veins while she views a slideshow of pictures of scantily clad women (morphine makes her vomit at the sight of them) and conversion therapy involves her touching herself while also touching some random guy’s fun package as Dr. Thredson watched. Was this a real thing back then?

Anyway, she was all…

And then she was all…

Anne Frank sees the creepy doctor at the asylum and freaks out because she recognizes him from her Nazi concentration camp in Germany.

Of course the doctor says he was at the asylum all along but the black and white flashbacks don’t lie. Neither do hips.

The FBI visit the asylum to check up on the doctor. They are doing an investigation now that the hooker he hired (in episode 2) went to them about the creepy pictures and Nazi memorabilia she found at his place. Once Sister Jude hears about the pictures and memorabilia, she believes Anne Frank’s story about Germany and goes to to Monsignor with the allegations. The Monsignor dismisses her claims and is all, “been drinking lately?” And she is all…

Once Sister Jude leaves the room, he calls the doctor and tells him to clean up any “loose ends” he may have because the FBI is on to him.

At the end, Anne Frank steals a gun off of one of the asylum guards. She goes to confront the creepy doctor in the asylum medical facility and shoots him in the leg when he tries to attack her. Then she hears sounds on the other side of the door. When she opens it, Shelly is on the floor and she’s not lookin’ so hot.

Shelly begs Anne to kill her.

What did you guys think? I didn’t like this episode at all. I hate Grace’s character and this episode had way too much of her. The Monsignor being in on the doctor’s shenanigans wasn’t a big surprise. I think Sarah Paulson needs a raise for doing that conversion therapy scene. Also, Anne Frank? Really? Come on.

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