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American Horror Story Asylum in Two Minutes (Episode: Nor'easter)

It’s time to recap season 2, episode 3.

Let’s start with the episode title, because I had no idea what it meant:

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, here we go.

We start out in present time again. Maroon 5, despite a missing arm and having at least three stab wounds to the chest, is alive and kicking.

Like his band, he will never go away.

Bloody Face gets tired of stabbing Maroon 5 and decides to break into the cell that Mrs. Channing Tatum locked herself into. Just when he’s about to attack her, Maroon 5 steps in and stabs him with his one good arm  like a champ.

Maroon 5 and Mrs. Tatum run to get out of the asylum when they become surrounded by two Bloody Faces – who shoot them both dead. Maybe.

Both Bloody Faces take of their masks and as they do the real Bloody Face comes through the door and kills them. Maybe.


There’s a big scary storm happening outside.

The newly possessed (and clearly acting differently) Sister Mary Eunice brings Sister Jude the newspaper. Only, it’s dated in 1949 and has a headline about the missing girl that she hit with her car.

Sister Jude asks where it came from and Sister Mary Eunice tells her it was the mailman. Duh. Sister Jude stresses out about it and breaks her self-imposed non-drinking clause and gets drunk off the communal wine.

One of the female patients can see Sister Mary Eunice is the devil. Sister Mary Eunice doesn’t like this, so she kills her in her cell, and then feeds the body to the creatures outside.

Then Sister Mary Eunice hit on the creepy doctor which he didn’t like so he called her a whore.

Then he put some red lipstick on a statue of Mary and called the statue a whore.

Everyone’s a whore!

Later on, the doctor is doing more random testing on Kit.

He takes apart the alien chip that he took out of Kit’s neck and it puts itself back together. The doctor is convinced that the chip was placed in Kit’s neck in order to watch after him (the doctor). Because everything is about him.

Because storms scare the patients, the asylum hosts a movie night to take the patient’s minds off the storm.

Kit tells Grace they should try to break out again while the movie is playing. Grace thinks it’s too soon to try again, but Kit thinks it’s perfect timing since no one will suspect it.

Lana meets with Dr. Thredson and gives him a note to give to her teacher-lover. Later on, when Lana asks if he delivered the letter, he tells her that she’s been killed and there is evidence that it was done by Bloody Face, which means he’s still on the loose. After hearing this, Lana teams with Kit and Grace because she now knows that Kit isn’t a killer. Lana apologizes to kit and he’s super forgiving right away.

Shelley overhears Kit and Grace talking about the escape, so she wants in too.  When a guard shows up and almost catches them, Shelley distracts him.

While Shelley is getting jiggy in the guard’s pants area, she trips him, he falls back, and hits his head juuuust perfectly so he loses consciousness.

She runs to catch up with Kit, Grace, and Lana but the creepy doctor finds her first, takes her back to his office, and tries to rape her – only he can’t perform. Shelley laughs at him because he has a small hoo-ha and can’t get it up, so the doctor gets pissed and hits her over the head with something heavy.

Meanwhile, Sister Jude is walking drunk through the halls of the asylum when she comes upon this.

And then she’s like…

But then she goes and passes out on her bed.

Kit, Grace, and Lana finally make it outside the asylum to escape. Only the creatures that live outside start chasing after them and they have no choice but to go back to the asylum.

Dr. Thredson notices that some of the patients are missing from movie night and brings it up to a guard. Once Sister Jude is woken up from her drunken stupor and is told about the missing patients, she addresses everyone watching the movie. She tells them there will be no more movie nights because of a few patients that took advantage of it. Only she doesn’t mean Kit, Grace, and Lana. She means Shelley and two others, including the girl that Sister Mary Eunice murdered earlier. (Who was the third missing person? Couldn’t figure that out.)

Meanwhile, Kit, Grace, and Lana make it back to their seats SOAKING WET from the storm and no one notices they were gone. WTF to that.

At the end, we see Shelley waking up on the creepy doctor’s table in a bright light. She begs the doctor to let her go but the doctor says that he had to “clip her wings” for misbehaving. And by wings, he means legs from the knee down.

I can’t say I loved this week’s episode. It was all over the place and didn’t really further the story. I was very meh about it until I watched it a second time when I thought it got better. Or maybe writing these reviews makes me appreciate their craziness more.

Do you think Sister Jude imagined what she saw?

Are you loving a possessed Sister Mary Eunice as much as I am?

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