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My Liver Hates Me

I don’t know if my liver will ever forgive me for this weekend. Liver, please consider this a public apology for what I did to you.

This weekend was so busy with drinking type activities that not only did I miss my long run (sniff) but I didn’t even watch one episode of Sons of Anarchy (sniff, sniff).

Hubs and I had tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival, which is an all day drinking techno festival with carnival rides.

EDC is held at Tinker Field, a huge baseball field/fair ground about 20 minutes from my house. It’s a lot of fun, even if you don’t love techno (which I don’t). The people watching alone makes it worth it. If you’ve been reading for a long time, you might remember we went last year. (< — I got much better pictures then. And I was blonde!)

This year there were three stages (instead of four) and it was twice as crowded. I was also older than 98% of the people there which was fine, cuz that’s what drinking is for! What?

Anyway, I didn’t recognize most of the lineup but I was super excited my fave techo DJ, Bassnectar, was there the first night. Bassnectar is so good, even octopuses dance to him.

And surprisingly, this is the only other picture I took Friday night.

Saturday was even more fun than Friday because our friends Pete and Becky joined us.

That’s my panda hat with long panda paws. ❤

There were more rides this year and the lines were much shorter. I waited in line for an hour last year and never more than 10 minutes this year.

The Zipper was there and it happens to be my favorite carnival ride ever.


No one wanted to ride it with me and they didn’t allow single riders, so hubs asked random guys that walked by if they would ride with me. Although, as my friend pointed out, “could you ride the Zipper with my wife?” might have a few different meanings. Anyway, I gave up hope of riding and walked away when the 22-year old cutie operating the ride said he would ride with me. That was fun, especially the part when he told me I was cute and I knew my future as a cougar was solidified.

After the ride, hubs gave my new 22-year old carnival operator boyfriend a tip since he was so nice to ride with me. 🙂

After that, Becky found a few rides that she was willing to get on.

IMG_7945 IMG_7946

Then we all walked around, people watched, and watched a few of the DJs.


After about seven hours, we finally wore Pete and Becky out and it was time to go home.

But the night didn’t end there. We had Pete drop us off downtown since my best friend was celebrating her birthday with her husband and her friend Angela. So we surprised her and showed up unexpectedly.

IMG_7949 IMG_7951

More drinks were consumed. Birthday love was given. Greasy nachos were had. Then it was time for hubs and I to take a cab home so I could pass out in my own drool.

Today I have a make-up 10 miler that I really don’t want to do and probably some more apologizing to my liver. Hopefully it will forgive me before I head to New Orleans this weekend to celebrate another friend’s birthday. Good thing I don’t have a race in two weeks. (ouch)


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Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2

Day 2 was just like Day 1, except there were a lot more people.

The lineup this time around:

Yep, don’t know any of them either except for Benny Benassi and DJ Icey.

This time around, our friend K joined us.

Oh, and I found my new sunglasses. $12.50. Thank you.

People were still dressed up in cool costumes.

I think the watch is the most crucial part of that green outfit.

The hubs hooped, which always draws a crowd. People like watching that boy hoop.

His “hooping is so easy I don’t even need to move my arms” pose.

Of all the artists, Benny Benassi was definitely the best. DJ Heavygrinder was really good too.

Hubs even had a shirt made.

The front of the shirt says, “I am the bass” and she has a song called “The Bass is my Boyfriend.” She saw him in the crowd and gave him props twice.

K and I went on a few rides while the hubs hooped. While we were waiting in line, a guy standing in front of me told me that I didn’t look like I should be there. That I looked “innocent” and “like a teacher.”

I don’t even know what that means.

He asked me my name and when I told him, he told me even my name sounded like I should be a teacher. Oh, and the first thing he said to me was “how old are you?”

I’m just glad that’s still not giving me a complex today. And as you can imagine, it’s really making me look forward to my birthday in a week.

Here’s a view of the crowd from one of the rides.

Not the best pic, but I had to take it quickly before the ride dropped us.

Right before we left, we hit up one more ride.

Someone threw up on the ride right before we got on.

The best part of being first in line: avoiding the barf seat.

We all had a great time. I think I liked Day 1 a little better just because it was less crowded and no one called me old, but other than that, they were equally a good time.

Do you like rides and rollercoasters? (I LOVE them all. Hubs isn’t a fan and he knew I wanted to go on them, so he surprised me and invited K along for the second day so I would have someone to ride with.) 🙂


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Electric Daisy Carnival Day 1

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is a 2-day techno music festival with carnival rides that takes place at Tinker Field. There are 4 stages and tons of artists that perform throughout the day. It’s basically a smaller version of Ultra Music Festival (UMF).

Besides Orlando, EDC also takes place in Las Vegas, Dallas, Denver, and Puerto Rico. I think this is the first year the festival has come to Orlando. Here’s the Orlando lineup for Friday

I have no idea who any of those people are except Tiesto and Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon. And even then, you could play their whole album for me and I wouldn’t know it was them. I just know the names.

We stood in line for about a half hour to get in when we arrived around 3:00.

Pretty sure the guy standing in front of us had Ke$ha underwear on.

Once we got in, we walked around and checked the place out.

There were five different rides.

We got on this one which was like hang-gliding. (If there’s no dash in hang-gliding, there is now.)

While they had all the regular carnival food (hubs and I shared an awesome burger), there was also a General Store where you could buy anything from cigarettes and snacks to ear plugs and aspirin. And there was a Fresh Fruit, Kettle Corn, Sno-Cone, and Taco Stand.

The festival also encouraged recycling. You are able to buy water canteens for $10 and fill them up for free at filling stations for both days of the festival.

Hubs and I walked around from stage to stage checking out the artists. And the beer. And the vodka. And the Pitron. We wanted to make sure it was safe.

It was.

I like EDC so much more than Ultra Music Festival. It’s set up better, the port-o-potties are spaced out and in four different areas so it’s not a total cluster like UMF, they have more to look at and do, and more people are dressed up in fun outfits.

Check out this chick’s hair. Awesomeness.

Toward the end of the night, it started storming. Everything closed down for about 20-30 minutes. We hunkered down under the box office and never got wet. Once the lightning passed, everything opened up again.

All the lights and decorations were really cool.

Of all the artists we saw, Downlink was by far the best. They’re Dubstep, which is pretty much the only kind of techno I love. We’re buying some of their music today.

Now, it’s time to get ready for Day 2! I have lots of chores to do. One of them is very important. I want to find a pair of Aviator sunglasses, because I think those are rad. Plus, I keep looking at Megan’s twitter picture and drooling over her them.

All day festivals make for less blog reading time. I’ll catch up with what you all are doing on Sunday and Monday. But just so I’m not missing anything, tell me something you’re doing today in the comments. Smile


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Lunch Time! Oh-oh oh-oh-oh-oh

Workout: Ran on treadmill 2.75 miles (24 min), walked .75 miles

That was my last run before the Clearwater Iron Girl Half on Sunday.  I think I might take it easy during this race . It’s going to be HOT and this girl does not like running in the heat. I took a freezing cold shower this morning after my run and was still sweating for 30 minutes after I got out. And that was from running inside with A/C. I am such a wimp.

In random news, I had to reschedule my next chemical peel because the hub’s bought us tickets to this.


That would be a two-day techno festival that is also…a carnival. (Honestly, I couldn’t have come up with that if I tried.)

My peel was scheduled over the perfect 4-day weekend. Now it’s over a 2-day weekend, which means my face won’t be healed by the time I need to come back to work. Co-workers beware.


I don’t talk about food too often, but I assure you that the “Eat” part of this blog is still going strong. I like to do it everyday! 😉 Usually I eat the same stuff – the same bowl of oatmeal, the same protein smootie, the same salad, the same grilled chicken. I don’t think I vary what I eat enough to be a foodie blog. And the hubs has told me that when I do take pictures of food, it does not look appetizing.

Hmph! Boys.

However, today is a special day for my friends (or maybe just Becky) that think it’s crazy insane that I’ve never been to Jimmy Johns before.

Well, the day has come.

Hello Jimmy. Your new friend Paula has arrived and she’s hungry.

After driving around the UCF location forever trying to find parking, the hubs and I gave up and drove to the University location.

When we got inside, I was relieved that I read the bottom part of this sign, because I was about to take my shirt off. Close one.

I’m still on my low carb kick, for now, so I got the Club Lulu “JJ Unwich” (turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato) – minus the mayo.  

I didn’t “freak” like the sticker suggests unfortunatley, but they ARE fast at making sandwiches. That sticker don’t lie. Neither do hips, says Shakira.

The “unwich” was good. But I’m pretty sure I can eat 4 of these before I feel satisfied. It was pretty much like the acceptable form of eating a salad with your hands.

I paired it with a Deep Chocolate Vitatop. (I know those are carbs but trust me – eating 120g of carbs a day is low for me compared to my normal 300g.)

By the way, if you’re ever wondering how to look sexy and mysterious while eating an “unwich,” I have the formula for you right here.

I may or may not have a fun post I’m trying to put together for you tomorrow. We’ll see if the hubs cooperates on this one. 😉 If not, I will be back on Sunday with a race review. Until then, have a great weekend!

(Yes, the post title was a Hammer reference. You can take the girl out of the 80s but you can’t take the 80s out of the girl.)

Tell me about something you owned in the 80s/90s that was totally lame. Ok, me first (as usual): I owned those double-tongued Reeboks that Paula Abdul advertised. They looked like this…but mine were light pink. You never can get enough tongues on your sneakers, that’s what I always say.


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