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TV Tuesday

I decided to do my tempo run last night instead of tonight. It wasn’t anything different than usual except I listened to music. I haven’t listened to music on a run since marathon training started. I usually watch TV or listen to myself cry until it’s over. My run looked like this:

Mile Pace Incline
1 10:00 .5
2 9:42 .5
3 9:31 .5
4 9:23 .5
Special “Meeting” Slow 0
Walk of shame back to the treadmill   0
5 9:14 .5

Total miles: 5.1

I ran 1 more mile after my “meeting.” Are you happy, Melissa? I wasn’t even going to put the details of my run in this post but I was kinda proud I got back on the treadmill when I usually walk out the  front door with my head down in shame.

I keep telling myself I’ll increase the incline and I never do. I was going to do another cool down mile but my right knee was feeling weird, so I stopped. I ran last night so I could go back to Crossfit tonight with my old trainer. We’ll see how that goes.


I haven’t done a TV Tuesday in forever. But since I’ve been watching a massive amount of TV lately, it seems appropriate. Hubs and I just finished season 1 of Spartacus Blood and Sand which I LOVED.

I loved it more than Game of Thrones. I mean, I know GoT is technically a better show, but I couldn’t wait to see the next episode with Spartacus and that was not the case with GoT.

Now, we’re almost done with Spartacus Gods of the Arena.

There’s only 6 episodes and Netflix Streaming is finally becoming useful with 3 of those episodes. Because it would be too much for Netflix Streaming to have all 6 episodes. People might actually like the service and want to pay for it then.

I like Gods of the Arena but not as much as Blood and Sand. It’s the story before Spartacus, so there’s no Spartacus. I miss him. 😦 Also, the guy that’s Champion in this one looks like a confused Colin Farrell.

I do not like you!

Season 2 of Spartacus is filming with a new actor as the lead. I don’t know how I’ll feel without Andy Whitfield playing the lead. This is the new guy.

Hubs has assured me that I will want him to be one of my future husbands just like the last Spartacus, but I don’t know about that. I already think his left ear is too far away from his body, so I can’t imagine things getting better for him.

Good thing the fall TV season is starting, because I was looking for more ways to kill time and not get anything productive done. Welcome to my DVR:

And because we don’t sit on our butts enough and watch TV, we went to a movie over the weekend too.

Drive was really good. It had an 80’s feel to it but in a good way. There were a couple scenes that were a little long and uncomfortable between a few of the characters but other than that, I liked it.

What new shows are you watching this season? (I’m trying out Ringer, Secret Circle, and Happy Endings if I can figure out when that’s on.)

P.S. Thanks for all the compliments on my dress yesterday! I can’t take credit for it. It was a Christmas present from hubs last year.


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